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I lost my job about three weeks ago, and I need prayers that I will hear from somewhere soon.


Please Pray for Corrie and Steven

Please pray for my daughter, Corrie and her husband, Steven. Every time they get a little extra money, it has to be used to fix one of their vehicles. They live in a tiny camper, drive older vehicles and work hard, but it just seems like they cannot get ahead in their finances. Please pray that her husband will get a better paying job and that they will be able to come out of the financial struggle they are having. They are newlyweds and the constant stress is weighing on their marriage.


Warren's Salvation/ Update

Thank you to all who prayed for my husband, Warren's, salvation.  He passed into God's hands on September 14, having come to faith in Jesus.


Healing for a Friend

I would like to request that you lift my friend Chris in prayers as he had a stint put in recently. I ask that God's grace may protect him, be by his side and heal him. In the precious name of Jesus I pray. I thank you for you prayers ahead in advance. God bless


Prayers for Faith

My family and I need God to help move us forward. We have several problems that I have a hard time handing over to him. Sometimes I just don't see how somethings will work out, but I know it is not for me to know but for Him. He has already fixed our problems. But I have trouble remembering that and I worry. Please help us by praying that God answers our prayers in a positive way and soon. Thank you God Bless.