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Relationship Problems

I have recently had some trouble with a guy. We broke up, and we kept going back and forth from talking to not talking anymore. It has ended up to where we don't talk at all anymore. Well, I want things to be better between us.  I feel God doesn't want us together, and I understand that. I just want him to get closer to God so we can actually be friends again. So please pray that he gets closer to knowing God...he needs it.


Cancer Treatment

My father is struggling with the side effects of chemo. He's not eating much and continues to lose weight. He has no energy and is often nauseous. Please pray for him.


God Answered!

I posted a request recently asking for prayer for my marriage to be restored.  Well, GOD has touched my wife's heart.  Our marriage is restored and getting stronger than heart is filling with her and God's love to more than full and now overfilling.  All of your prayers and ours have been answered, and I realize that God reigns over all of us and has our best in his heart. Thank you all for your blessings and cares.  I hope this post gives others HOPE and LOVE during their trials and no matter the outcome, I hope everyone knows one thing through our lives: GOD never fails, never stops LOVING and NEVER EVER ABANDONS.


Service Work in Costa Rica

Recently I was invited to go to Costa Rica for a service trip this summer. I would love to go and help build schools, houses, and a library. The program is called True Nature Education and I think it would be an amazing way to serve others while enjoying the beauty in nature God has blessed the world with. The trip will cost a little over $2000 and as a full time college student, nannying, and being a part of two honors societies, I am struggling to see a way to find the time to make extra money to pay for this trip.


Desperate for Relief

I'm a recently divorced single mother of two young children. After 6 years of an abusive relationship, that landed me in the hospital multiple times, I got up the courage to leave. I've had restraining orders, an order of protection and now a permanent, everlasting injunction against my ex.  I just moved in June (again) to get myself and children further away. Yet the threats continue... the intimidation continues... he uses the children as his means to get to me.