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Kidney Stones/ Update

This person reported on July 30 that he was able to successfully pass the kidney stones.  He is thankful to the Lord, to KLRC, and to everyone who prayed for him.  Original post: I'm trying to pass a five and a 6 mm kidney stones and am having trouble getting them out. Prayer for a successful exit would be appreciated.  Thank you for your prayers.


Prayers and Financial Support for Steven

My brother-in-law, Steven Slagley, is battling a one in a million type of cancer. His surgeons said he needs surgery now, or he won't make it until July 14th. As everyone knows how expensive it is. Please log on to my face book page and donate to Go Fund Me, for the Slagleys, under Susie Strong. Thank you for your time, help, and prayers. To God be the glory.


Prayer for Marriage/ Healing

Please pray for healing and restoration in my marriage. I was served with divorce papers last night but I am standing for my marriage.  Also my wife's uncle is in the hospital and needs prayers


Mama & Pre-born Baby Need Prayer

I have been diagnosed with severe preeclampsia at 29+3 and doctors plan to deliver within the next week. Pray that God will accelerate Jamani's development and bring him out a fighter. Please also pray for strength for our family and my husband who walked away from God when our daughter died just under a year ago.


Struggling Hurting Single Mom

I need prayer for my daughter and myself.  We are not getting along and she is making choices that are not very wise. I need someone that knows how to handle these sitiations, like a mom that could come along side of me and help me to be a good mom to her. Please pray.