Prayer Center


Pray for Peace and Healing

Our oldest son is now 47 and is on his second marriage.  This wife has been so cruel to my husband and I.  We were very good parents, helped when he was broke, and went through his bitter divorce, and now we are kicked to the curb. The wife is very controlling, and he is very quiet and will not stand up for his parents, We have not seen him or the children or his wife for 7 years. Pray for deep peace and healing for us.


Selling Property in Colorado

We are trying to sell some property out in Bennett Colorado and just need the Lord to help bring the right person/family to make an offer. God knows what we need financially to sell the place but a little extra prayers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Resurrection Drama "The Promise"

Our church is doing our annual resurrection drama over this weekend. We have a character portraying Lucifer so it seems we are under attack from many of Satan's flaming arrows. I'd like to request prayer for our church and cast especially those playing Jesus, Michael, and Lucifer. Shows are Thursday, Friday, Saturday, at 7pm, Saturday at 2pm, and Easter Sunday at 6pm. Please be in prayer at those times if possible or if you would like to pray during the performance that would be awesome! Thank you and have a blessed Easter week.


Friends Lost Their Baby

A very dear friend of mine went into labor yesterday morning (4-14-14) and was trying to do a home birth. It got to the point that her blood pressure was so high that we finally convinced her that she needed to go to the hospital. We got her loaded up in the car and to the hospital we went. It was just a small town hospital. From there I regrettfully had to leave for work. I later got word that they ended up life flighting her to a bigger hospital to do an emergency c-section and as much as we all hate it the baby was not alive. The high blood pressure caused the baby to bleed to death inside of his mommy. My heart is so heavy for the mommy, daddy, and big brother for they are very dear friends of mine. This family needs alot of love, prayers, and support during this time.


My Nieces are in Foster Care

I pray that I will be able to get my nieces out of foster care so that I can take care of them. The smallest girl is only 1 year old and the other little girl is only 5 yrs. These girls don't need to be in foster care, they need to be with family. It has been two weeks now and I feel like the case worker hasn't helped me at all. I just hope everything goes well.