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Friend's Agony

I have a friend who will be doing the unimaginable today. A couple of weeks ago her son who is 19 tried to commit suicide. He was unsuccessful and it left him brain damaged. Today she must take him off life support. He will leave behind a 1 month old baby. My friend is struggling greatly and she needs comfort. I also would like prayer that she does not turn back to drugs, instead holds fast on God.


A Dad With Cancer

My dad was recently told that his cancer treatment is no longer working and nothing more can be done. Please pray for him, my mother, and our family.


So Lost and Need Help

I have a 6 year old son who had Rolandic epilepsy, GI problems, and asthma. He also has weekly OT, PT, and VT. I also have an 8 year old daughter that is having surgery number 4 (within 18 months) next week. She has severe allergies that she gets weekly injections for and asthma. Both of my children are medically high maintenance and require daily maintenance medications to stay healthy. My ex-husband is 42, unemployed for over a year and a half.  He hasn't spoken to the kids but three times in the last month.  He lives in Texas.  I moved to Vinita, Oklahoma, to get away from him.



I'm 23 and I've been having problems with depression, really bad since I was 12. It's getting worse and January 5th I will be starting therapy.  I'm scared to death. Every morning I wake up I have to turn on KLRC just to try to feel like there's someone there. Sometimes the music helps, but sometimes it doesn't. I could really use some prayers right now.


Still in so Much Pain

I lost my husband of 22 years of marriage. I was so in love with him.  He passed away from pancreatic cancer on September 30,2008, and I am carrying so much pain and anger.  I was so angry at God for taking him from me, and I have carried so much anger and pain in my heart,  I can't seem to move on. I pleaded with God to take me and leave him behind and it didn't happen. I find myself at times thinking I would be better off dead than living with this pain and grief. I want to move on but I feel so guilty and disloyal at the thought. I want peace and not to remain in limbo. I ask for prayer to help me to come to grips with this pain.