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WWII Veteran Needs Your Prayers

Please pray for healing and God's will for my dad, John, 88, a WW II veteran and a great guy. He was stricken with shingles 4 weeks ago, ended up unable to walk, confused and other health concerns. He was moved to a nursing home 12 days ago and is not making much progress. He was diagnosed with pneumonia last week, and is still having confusion, is very tired and seems to have given up, not wanting to do therapy, etc. Thanks.


Critical Condition- Update

I submitted a prayer request April 2nd. My brother in law- Tom - went to be with The Lord today. Prayers were answered in that it was much more serious that we thought at first and he would never recover- most likely dead on impact. The answered prayer is that his wife had time to adjust, and he died on his own and she didn't have to decide to take him off the ventilator and he didn't suffer. He just stopped breathing and never woke up. Thank you all for praying. It has meant the world to the family to be surrounded by God's love and prayers.


For My Mother

Please pray for my mother. She is one of the most inspiring women I've ever met in my life. She has gone through so much pain and anguish in her life and through it all she has praised the name of Jesus. When she was only 16, her mother committed suicide. A few years later, her two sisters were murdered. Now, she is faced with bankruptcy and a building pile of debt and financial burden. She works hard every day just to make ends meet. Please pray for her, that God would shower His love and blessings upon her in this dark time. She has a heart of gold and I wish more than anything that I could help her more in this time of need. It is in God's hands now.


Prayers for Associates

Please pray for a company that is based off of family values but still has associates work on Sundays or be held accountable.  It is so sad that money is more important to some than God! I love my God, and I know he will always provide. Please pray for all the associates that have to work on Sundays and would rather be in church.


My Mom's Heart

My mom had some problems with her heart about a year ago. She sat down for 20 minutes and her heart was still beating way too fast. The doctor gave her a heart monitor for 6 weeks. She got the results and was treated with an easy surgery. She went in today with some complications and she has to stay on medications in the hospital for three days until they found an answer. She and my dad just went through some very rocky times and almost ended in divorce, but didn't. Please pray for my mom.