Prayer Center


Job Opportunity

Since my family and I have fallen in love with the area, I have applied for employment at Walmart. Please pray for us that God will open up the opportunity and blessing that we are seeking.


Taking a Stand Against Abuse #2

 I recently asked for prayer for taking a stand against abuse. I want to update that by saying that after another night of being harassed, stalked, and threatened... and yet another trip to the local PD, I have a temporary emergence protective order with a March 5th court date. This is the second protective order that I have had not including a restraining order and a permanent injunction... please pray that when I go to court on March 5th that I will know what to say and how to present my case to the judge. This will by my first time going into a court room without a lawyer, and I don't know exactly what I'm doing. Please pray for me that I will be successful for not only myself but my children. We need this.


Struggling Single Mom

I am a single mother and have recently separated from my husband. I really wanted our marriage to work but he isn't trying.  I am really struggling financially. I am waiting for my disability hearing and only get child support at the moment. I am having to pay for medicine for my son, and I and don't have enough to make the truck payment, insurance, and phone. We need prayers to help us stay strong to remember God will provide but right now I feel like I am losing everything. We are staying in a shelter currently so it is really difficult to see the light.


The Invisible Prison

Please pray for "Moriahe". "Moriahe", formerly in the military, currently suffers from PTSD. A person's home is suppose to be their sanctuary. Sadly, "Moriahe" 's "castle" has become a self imposed "prison". Holy Spirit of God for Jesus Christ Holy Name sake; please help "Moriahe" to make a "jail break". Amen > The Spirit of the Lord GOD [is] upon ME; because the LORD hath anointed ME to preach good tidings unto the meek; HE hath sent ME to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to [them that are] bound; (Isaiah 61:1 KJV) In Jesus Christ Amen


Taking a Stand Against Abuse

After much suffering, I am finally taking a stand against my abusive ex to ask for protection for myself and children.  I am afraid of the battle that I know will ensue and afraid of the "can of worms" that I may be opening, but I am praying for God's protection and favor. I will finally be moving my divorce/custody case from Texas to Oklahoma where we reside. The fight will be in my back yard now... I'm afraid for the ex to cause problems here too. He threatens me constantly and tells the kids that he will come take them so I never see them again. Remember, I am the custodial parent for a reason... he harrasses, threatens, and stalks us. My restraining order does no good. He mistreats the children and has literally endangered their lives on many occasions. He refuses to take care of them like an adult and has had doctors call CPS on him.