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Prayer Center


Pray for Jospeh

Please pray for Joseph.  He is looking for something to believe in.  


Prayers for baby Joe

Baby Joe has severe case of RSV, he had to be transported to Children's Hospital in Little Rock and is on a ventilator, they are having trouble with IV access to give him much needed medication. Lord we lift up baby Joe and his family and ask your healing hand to bless and comfort them.


Prayer for our Marriage

I deeply need prayer for my marriage. I am scared of losing the fight. We married with strong faith. Since then we have struggled with many different fights along the way. We have developed distrust, no communication between us. I am afraid of where we are in our marriage,  I just don't know if I can go on.  There are so many attacks against my marriage, myself as a mom, and my health. I am asking to please pray for my marriage and my family . I long for hope that I don't see or feel anymore. Please pray for us. Thank you !


Our Family

We need prayer for our family and marriage. It has been very unstable for almost 5 months. I have been hurting and in pain during this most difficult time. Our children have been suffering through this and trying to lean on God and each other through prayer. Pray for wisdom, comfort and guidance, as well as, for my spouse's eyes, ears, heart and mind to be opened.


Family needs a home

Please pray God will provide family with a home.

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