Prayer Center


Job Seeking

I am asking for prayer as I am seeking better paying employment. After child support is taken out of my paycheck(50%), I have very little to pay the bills. I desire to find a job within my degree (Mass Communications) or close to it that pays enough to pay the bills after child support is taken out. Not wanting to be super rich, just to have the amount to support the needs of my family. Thanks.


Provision and Guidance

I am asking prayer and for my family. I am a disabled widow raising three boys and trying to help my daughter raise her two kids. I paid all my bills for the month but am not sure where the food for the month is coming from let alone providing a Christmas dinner. My son plays in band and I'm supposed to pay for his band trip this month. The total is $300. Then I need to find a toddler bed for my granddaughter as she has out grown her pack n play. Please pray for these things and for ideas of where I could get help with contributors to my sons band trip.


Prayer and Help Needed

 I just recently started a new job and I don't like it.  Every morning after working 10 hours I can hardly get out of bed. My job is a dumper at George's.  There is a lot of bending over and twisting involved, and on top if it all, I will be working for 2 weeks and only getting paid for 1 week. My rent and furniture and also electric and phone are all due. I will be evicted if rent is not paid. I don't know where to turn to get help. I have prayed about this a lot and I'm scared. I also have issues with suicide thoughts and that door is looking better. Please pray for peace and healing and help.


Harp Elementary Angel Tree

Asking for HUGE PRAYERS for our Angel Tree. We have about 100 Angels that are still needing to be adopted. These are kids that go the Harp Elementary, in Springdale. And most of these families are needing food too so please be praying that all these kids needs & wishes are met.


Prayers for a Family Vehicle

Our family of nine is blessed beyond what words can truly describe.  But for a few years now, our only family vehicle, an 8-passenger van that doesn't fit us all at the same time, has been falling apart.  In February, my husband was in a minor vehicle accident with our family's van, & since then, it has not been safe enough to drive with our children in it.  We've prayed long & hard, & we trust the Lord completely. I know He has a plan for us, & I know He will provide, but we need more prayers.  So I'm not asking today for a hand-out, but I'm pleading for prayers to flood Heaven so that my family doesn't lose everything God has blessed us with! Thank you for listening! God bless!