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Husband's Addiction

Please pray for my husband who is battling an addiction to alcohol. It is affecting his health and their marriage. Please pray for him to turn to Jesus and surrender his life to God.


Alcoholic Husband

Please pray for my husband and for my marriage. My husband is a functioning alcoholic and is now to the point of hiding it so I don't know and lying to me about it. I want to be supportive but he is refusing help. I cannot be in a marriage where he is lying to me and sneaking. I am at a loss on how to help when he refuses. I have been praying and praying but I need prayer in numbers.


Hip Surgery

My grandma fell last night and broke her hip and now needs surgery. She has been sick lately and is in poor health. I am so scared that she will not make it through surgery.   The last time she was in the hospital and had surgery she almost died. So please pray for me and my family.


Nicole's House of Rogers, Ar

I would like prayers for Nicole's house. We are a Christ centered transitional living for women coming out of drug addiction. We cannot operate fully until funding is raised for a sprinkler system. We also need more volunteers and basic monthly funding. We are non profit so we operate solely on donations. I am a volunteer there and was in sex trafficking and addicted to meth for 22 years and Jesus delivered me. So the last 3 years I have been free I have been trying to give back and show others hope in Jesus. I have work to do for God. We need a financial miracle.


Health Concerns

My friend Janice has been ill. Her kidneys are not doing well and she has a high fever so the doctor thinks she may have an infection. She's currently in the ER in Tulsa waiting on a kidney specialist. Please pray for her healing and peace for her husband.



Kelly asked us to please pray for her son who is in prison, specifically for his safety from gang violence, that he can help himself and others with his paralegal skills, that he will associate with guys who want to do good and get out, and most of all that he will come back to God. Also, she asks for prayer for her marriage. Her husband is abusive and needs to come back to God also. She may leave him after their younger son graduates in May. He needs prayer to finish well, to focus on school instead of girls and video games. He had gotten excellent grades until this semester. He is a Christian.


Friend's Mom in Hospice

My friend's mom was just moved into hospice. Please keep her family and mom in your prayers.  This is a hard time.



I am trying to start a business and running into walls.  I need the Lord's help to get this business up and running.


Healing from Radiation Treatment

I recently had 10 treatments of radiation on my pelvis. It has made me so sick with bathroom issues and nausea. Please pray that God will take this all away very soon and get me back on my feet. I need strength. Thanks.



Please keep a classmate family in your prayers. She was 28 and left behind two kids and a husband. She passed away from cancer.

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