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*UPDATE:* This girl has been found and is safe.  Thank you for praying!


Completely Heartbroken and Confused

A little over a month ago my husband (for almost 7 yrs) and I separated. I thought when I married it was for life. I believe God can do miracles, but I also know that my husband has to want it by seeking God as well. I love him wholeheartedly but sadly the enemy is always out to destroy. I've been praying for God's will, though I wonder if I'm holding on to my own. I want to ask that you help me pray and that the fear of being single again goes away.  I was single until the age of 40, and I felt God made me wait so my marriage would be great but now I'm not sure. Thank you and I thank God for many friends and family that are supporting me during this HURTING time.


Thank You and Thanks be to God

At the beginning of this year I was struck with deep financial burdens, health issues and relational issues. I posted a prayer request here on KLRC and was inspired and amazed at the response of people who prayed for me, a total stranger to you all. I had moved here to Arkansas from Hawaii going on three years this winter. Cost of living was less expensive here and a dear friend here suggested I move closer to him due to the loss of my brother in 2013. This 2015 year has been bad for me. I was broke, barely $568/month to live on but God blessed me with a caring church, and a surprise that will sustain me until the end of the year at least. Thank you for your prayers. God has provided!!! Jehovah Jirah!! Hallelujah!



The person I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with got up and walked out of my life two weeks ago. I'm still feeling the same pain I felt when he left. I'm in need of prayer and encouragement as I walk through this extremely hard time. I know that when I am weak, God is strong. He mends the broken-hearted and lifts up those who believe in Him. Please keep me in your prayers, I am overwhelmed with sadness.


God's Will and Adding to our Family

It has been on our hearts for a while now regarding adoption. God is leading us on this journey to add to our family. We are looking to adopt a child from Malawi Africa. We are needing help and prayers in several ways. As we are adopting international, this can be fairly expensive. We are asking for help with finances, as this is the biggest area of our prayer needs. We are needing prayer for finances, for our family, for God to show us the child he has created for us. You can check out our story and maybe help out by sharing our story as well. Thank you all and God Bless.