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My Son & Grandson

My son, Trevor, has told me he has a problem with drinking, but I'm not sure he has made a choice to deal with it. He has a son, Otto, who was born in June and seems to have changed his attitude toward life. A couple of weeks ago he was arrested for drinking and driving. A few days later DHS took his son and placed him in protective custody. Otto is now with his grandmother, so he is safe with someone who loves him. Please pray for Trevor and his girl friend, Brea, that they come to know Jesus and get help with their addictions, and for Otto, that he grows up in a safe loving home, with his parents.


Prayer for my Parents

My awesome, godly parents were diagnosed with cancer this summer. My dad's is not curable, but my mom's can go into remission. Please pray for God's healing power to rain down on them.


Family Needs

Please pray for us. My husband and I have 5 children, 2 of which have Aspergers. We home school 4 of our children so that they can get all the therapies they need. My husband works two jobs but there is no extra for anything, and sometimes we struggle to buy groceries and pay our rent. My request is for prayers for faith and wisdom that God will provide. My husband really struggles with this as he feels he is failing as a provider.


Husband Wants to Leave Us

A few weeks ago my husband shocked me by telling me he doesn't want anything to do with my children (10,12,14,16), does not want to be a parent to them or be a part of their lives, and is considering leaving us because of how he feels about them. Even though I knew being a step-dad wasn't easy all the time, my children are really well behaved and not rebellious or malicious at all, so I am completely stunned. The kids and I love my husband, and we have had a happy marriage (almost 4 years).


Healing for a Broken Heart

I fell in love with a guy, and he liked me but he just liked me for my body. I fell in love with him. I had never had sex with a guy before.  I wanted to wait until marriage but I ended up giving myself to him because I loved him. He would want to date me, then he would get me to give him sex, and then he would not want to date me. I am tired of it and don't want to be messed with anymore. I'm standing my ground and trying to move on, but it's painful because I gave my life to him, loved him like Jesus, and he didn't do the same back. This is the hardest thing I feel like I have had to face in my whole life, but I deserve a man that will love me, value me and love me like Jesus does. I don't deserve being played with..