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Fixing my Home

I recently went through a divorce after a thirty year marriage, due to my spouse committing adultery.  I am disable and on Social Security. God has provided me with a home. Thank you, Jesus! However, I need so much help with getting it fixed. Please pray that God will send me the finances to finish it or send me someone that can help me finish it. I have done most the work myself, but due to health and finances I cannot get it finished. Please pray that God will make a way for it to be done. Thank you!! Feeling very overwhelmed!


New family to NWA

A young family moved to NWA two months ago from San Diego to follow their dream of a little farm and home.   Pray that God will meet their needs of a warm and safe house for their first winter.


Needing God's Provisions

My husband works very hard to supply for our family.  We try not to complain because we always seem to have whatever we need. God has always been faithful.   Things are very very tight right now. My husband has started a business. It is difficult for him to have any job because of his past, and not having a driver's license.  This situation puts a very large strain on me because I need to take him to wherever he is working, and I home school my daughter. We have been overwhelmed with bills these past few months and one of his jobs, he didn't receive payment.  God is good, and I know it will work out. Thanks and God bless you.



Please pray for a financial breakthrough/miracle for me. Also, that my clientele increases at the salon. In Jesus name! Amen! Thank you and God bless you!



Please pray for complete healing and divine deliverance and for me to have a close relationship with Jesus Christ.