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Health Issues

I would very much appreciate prayer for my health issues. The issues have been ongoing for several years. I have dealt with chronic pain now for about a year. I am going through the last treatment option now. If this one does not work, I will need a surgery that is really scary for me. The chronic pain is beginning to really have an effect on my mental and emotional health. I know that God is the ultimate physician.


Overcoming Obstacles

Please pray for me to continue to keep strong in my Faith. After finding myself shattered in pieces one by one, God has help put me back together even stronger than before. I am doing great at work. My husband is getting license reinstated. My kids are soon off to Camp War Eagle. I am hoping for a great summer and fantastic school year.   I hope to meet all my goals at work. Things are really looking up. I pray for all that has improved and for my faith to stay strong.  The evil one being so fast to intervene where not welcomed. It is important to remain faithful.  Thank you, KLRC.  


Prayers for Loss

(update from previous request) Robert let us know his wife passed away on Mother's Day from her battle with cancer. Please pray for this family during their loss and also continue to pray for Robert's health and his finances.


House Fire

Recently, a house in my neighborhood got struck by lightning and caught on fire. Please pray for their family as they have to deal with fixing the place up as well as finding a new place to live soon! Thanks, Rosalie 


Draw Nearer to Him

I don't know what I am going through, but I feel God is far away from me right now. It is a struggle to pray and I can't talk to anyone else about it. Please just pray that some how I can get a hold of God and come back to where I once was and even closer to him. I just need God to take control and for me to be willing to turn everything over to him.



My wife was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer. We are facing surgery. With our health insurance we have a $12700 deductable. We were going to have everything paid off by October. Now I am looking at having to get a summer job just to pay our medical bills. I wouldn't be against God supplying our financial needs.


Sciatic Nerve

Pray my mother would be healed of problems with her sciatic nerve.



Life is full of grace and Mercy.  Life as a single mom has been freeing, scary, terrifying and lonely at times. I know God is the provider of all and has guided me beyond measure. I am just needing a little extra hope, grace,love,endurance and financial freedom.  I am so thankful for this radio station.


Flooded House

Our house was flooded on Saturday April 29th. Please keep us in your prayers as insurance will not be paying for anything and we don't have the money to fix anything right now. Please pray that God will provide.



Please pray for a financial miracle for us. Also, for wisdom about my job. Thank you!

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