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Brain MRI

I am having a brain MRI on 5/2. I have scheduled it twice before and canceled it out of fear, even though 3 doctors have told me I need to have it done. I have been spending lots of time in prayer and in His Word the past week or so to help me prepare for this. I don’t know why the enemy has caused me so much anxiety over this. I’ve definitely been through much worse. I ask for prayer that I will have courage and not feel any anxiety and that this 3 hour procedure will go smoothly. Thank you so much for praying for me. I believe in the power of prayer and I know that God will be right there with me through it all.


Healing & Relief

My husband has been so sick off and on for nearly 20 years. He is a severe diabetic and has almost lost both legs at various times, but through faith, surgeries, numerous treatments where I had to be caretaker and nurse, and sheer determination, he kept them.  Over the year, he struggled emotionally and mentally wondering where God was and why he was going through this. I never had an answer but said that God knew and we needed to fight and pray. We struggled financially but I kept working, kept praying, and kept it from my husband so he could focus on healing.  I can't work anymore than I am. I meet myself coming and going. Please pray for healing and relief.  I need healing and relief, too.   I am trusting God's plan, but I need some extra prayers. Thank you.


House Fire

An amazing lady at my son’s preschool lost everything in a house fire.  Please pray for her, her spouse and children.   Please pray as we try to collect donations to help the family.  Thank you for your prayers and support!


Son's Health

I ask for prayer for my 17 year old son He has a swollen lymph node and he's had all kinds of test that were all negative.  There's a chance it can be melanoma.  The doctor said he wants to send him to Tulsa for a biopsy to be 100% sure he doesn't have cancer.   I know Jesus knows all about it and he can heal.


Stomach Pain

I am having serious stomach issues, please pray for me.  


Stability, Success, and Protection

I could really use some prayer. My whole life has been flipped upside down over the last few weeks. My husband left me, I had a death in my family, and now my job is changing. I am asking for prayers of protection and peace. My anxiety is high with all of these changes but I want to trust that the Lord has a plan and will take care of me. Please pray my new job will be a blessing and I will be successful.  Also, asking for prayer with my confidence and hope for a new amazing relationship in the future. Thank you!


My Daugher

My daughter has been wanting to be a vet for 8 years and was accepted into Votech.   She has a lot of depression and worries she is not going to be able to go to Votech.  My husband is disabled and I am starting college in the fall and we have only one way of transportation.  Without a miracle,  she will have to return to our school and miss out on Votech.  I know all things are possible, I ask for prayer for a way for her to be able to go. Thank you.



My heart is breaking because my marriage is falling apart, and all I can do is pray about it.  I think my husband is having an affair behind my back with a younger woman  We been married 34 years.  I cry at night asking God what I should do.  Please pray for me that God would give me answers.  I am a broken heart wife.  Thanks to KLRC for the music at night.  It helps a lot when your sad and hurting.  



I ask prayer for protection over my family and home. The wires are really bad and I'm afraid our home will burn down or catch a fire.  We were trying to move on low income, so we made an agreement with the landlord we would fix things.  We didn't know wires were bad when we moved in. I'm so afraid we will lose our home or and our lives. I ask for a miracle from Jesus that we will be safe and our home will be safe and that we have a place to move and the finances to do so.



I have felt the last couple of months that I'm just not in the place God wants me to be. I now am facing a decision with my education. Please pray for heart and mind as I begin to make some very big decisions. I am constantly trusting in the Lord and know he has a plan. I'm just very confused about that plan right now.

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