Prayer Center


Prayers for Peace

 My husband and I have separated.  The relationship is toxic and affecting our children.  Please pray for our safety, my financial situation, and for my son to become a believer.  


Financial Difficulties

I am a single mom, who does not receive child support and my mother lives with me.  Please pray that we will be able to pay our rent this month.


Prayers for Papa

My Grandfather was working on tearing out an old deck at his house. The deck gave out and he fell two stories. He crushed his ankle on his right foot, broke his heel on his left foot, and broke several ribs.  He won't be able to put any weight on both feet for at least 10 weeks. He only has one kidney and it is only functioning at about 23%, which has us worried about the surgery he's going into this morning. So please keep him in your prayers!


Favor, Protection, and Direction for Grandson

Please pray for my 17 year old grandson.  God's direction for his life as he is considering joining the Navy and God's favor on him for his life.  He needs to pass the physical, if this is God's will.  He is a senior and a born again Christian. Thank you.  Love in Christ


Friend Needs Prayers

My college friend asked me to pray for someone that I have never met that is battling some sort of sickness.  They are unsure what it is and there is no cure. The doctors have stated that he probably will not survive.   His life may end shortly, I want to ask someone to pray for him, a miraculous healing and that God be with his family. If it is his time to go, that he knows Jesus as his Savior. Thank you!