Prayer Center


Continued Strength and Guidance.

As a foster family we continually need to pray. We have 3 bio kids and 4 that are in foster care. I ask for prayers that God will continue to provide and bless me as I search for a new job that will allow me to be home more often. (Currently I have 160 hours on this paycheck, for 2 weeks.)


The Most Wonderful Man

My husband, Mike, is 58 years old and has been battling lung cancer for a year.  We need a miracle.



I'm going through alot and it is majorly depressing.  I haven't spent time with my mom, dad, brother or sister in almost two weeks.  My sister was talking bad about me, and I choose to stand up for myself and ever since then I have been being bullied by them.  I don't know if I will ever be able to have a relationship with them again.  It hurts me because my two girls love there nana and pawpaw, but I refuse to allow their bad behavior to be rewarded by seeing me and my children.  It hurts my heart very badly.  Please lift me up in prayer.


Seeking Lifechange

I need prayer to center Christ in my life, to bring healing to my wife and me in our marriage.


Prayer for a Job and Guidance!

I am a single woman in Springdale. I was laid off of work in November of last year, my unemployment benefits have run out, I do not have any income to fall back on, and I am still having trouble finding a job despite sending out resumes. I would like to find a job to earn an income and at the same time be doing the Lord's work serving others. I am a Christian but do not have a church, and I would like to request prayer that I might find a singles friendly church. I also just found out my niece is bisexual and I would like to request prayer for her that she would turn from the sin and back to God. Thank you !!