Prayer Center


Prayers for my Beloved pet, Cooper

Hi. I'm at home today with Cooper, my 10-year-old Golden Retriever, who has been fighting lymphosarcoma for the past nine weeks. He has fallen very ill over the past 24-hours and I believe is beginning his transition to heaven. I have an amazing support system but grief is still a lonely process. I am feeling particularly alone when KLRC prayer request popped into my mind. I thought it can't hurt to ask for more prayers from such a loving community of people. Please, if you find it in your heart, add Cooper and myself to your prayers today. I am trying to be strong for him through this life transition but there are moments when I cannot keep it together. Thank you from one of your many grateful listeners. Christina


Prayers for my Family

My family and I have been going through a rough time. Right now it is up to me to help out my family with financial needs since I am the only one that is working. My mom has been looking and applying for jobs but with no luck has she received any offer. Pray for my dad, he is taking the stress of it all harder and it is affecting him greatly, especially in his health. He has gotten to the point to where he is constantly dizzy and falls because of the dizziness. Part of his face will become numb every now and then and what worries us is that if he continues stressed out like this he will end up with a stroke. I pray for calmness for my dad and that we get through this period together.


Marital problems

My wife and I are having some problems in our marriage and need prayer that God does a miracle and that we grow towards Him so that our marriage will flourish for Him. A special touch from God is the only hope we have. Thank you


Children Come to Know Christ

I have 3 adult children and 3 adult step children. My kids were raised to know Him and at one time all made professions of faith and were baptized.  Only one has gone on to live his life for Christ. Only 1 step son is in church and raising our grand daughter in church, but he struggles with other issues. My oldest daughter claims to be an atheist now at 24 years old, and 33 year old step son claims to be homosexual. These kids have all had issues throughout life, but we pray for them and feel there is power in numbers, and no such thing as too much prayer!! Thank you!!


New Chapter

My husband and I recently moved to NWA. He started a new job and I was offsite but now in a local office. Starting a new job and moving is stressful enough for my husband, but we also lost our twin baby girls in January of this year. They were stillborn at 29 weeks. Our faith has been the only way we have made it through all this but we both have our weak days. So many random things can trigger those emotions of losing our girls on a daily basis. Prayers would be appreciated for us to stay close to God during all of these life stressors. We look at our new home as a new beginning. We will always have our angel babies with us but we pray we can fill our home with babies as soon as possible. Thank you for your prayers!