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Financial Struggles

My family is facing financial hardship. My husband had to transition to a new job with a major pay cut causing us to not be able to keep up with our bills.  I know that my Father will provide for us. I have faith in that and it brings me some comfort. Please pray for our family. My Children's faith is shaken and it breaks my heart. We need prayers of peace and guidance in these trying times. As always everyone of you have my prayers. God bless you all.


Hope for the Holidays

I'm a single mother to three teenage boys who are my life. Recently I was faced with a tough decision either to quit my job working on third shift or chance losing my boys because their dad was filing for custody. Now I'm having a hard time seeking employment else where and it is getting close to the holidays and I'm sinking. I am asking you for prayers that GOD will open up doors to a new job for me and lead me. I am also asking that GOD will provide for us like I know he can. I don't want my boys to go without this Christmas. It's not their fault that things happen this way. I love my boys more than anything in this world next to GOD and it breaks my heart I can't give them the life they deserve. Please pray for me and my boys that doors will open up and things will get better. Thanks and AMEN


Finding Calmness

I know this election has caused some mayhem more than any other election. I am asking for prayer because on the outside I show that I am fine, but on the inside I am freaking out. I know God has a plan in all that he does but I am uneasy about what the future holds. I know right now all that is being seen is negativity but I want to find that calmness within God to help me get through this time. Actually everyone needs to find the calmness.



Please pray for my family. We are in a extremely tough financial situation and are struggling to keep our home. One of our dogs escaped from her kennel and possibly ingested metal this comes at a time when we won't be able to afford treatment if she needs it. Please pray that peace and the healing hand of God covers us.


Correct Path

I have been praying for a new job opportunity for many, many years and it looks like I may receive an offer soon. Praise the Lord! However, my nerves have now kicked in making me doubt if I can handle this new job and if it is the right path for me.   Please pray I will receive peace from the Lord, that all of the details will work out, and that I will have the ability to do a great job for His glory, if this is the correct path for me. We are also waiting on some news today about a home appraisal, please pray that all goes well and we receive good news. Thank you for your prayers!


Prayers for Physical & Financial Needs

I am homeless, without a job and no vehicle.  I need your prayers for help physically and financially. I have no family and everything was stolen from me. Please pray.  


Need God's Provision

My husband had an affair and ended our 13 year marriage. Now, I am trying to support 2 kids on my income alone. I'm a paramedic and the pay is very low. I already have trouble making ends meet and I'm absolutely terrified about how to provide this Christmas! All that is very stressful but it makes it more difficult that I feel very alone! I know that God's plan is best but I would love to not FEEL so alone and scared. Thank You!


Re: Financial Crisis

I just want to say thank you to all the prayer warriors!  Back in 2015 I was down trodden and ruined financially. Many prayer warriors prayed for me and I thank you all who did and still continue to do so. I was seeking medical assistance as I have many conditions, diabetes, HBP, Charcot foot, & a heart defibrillator. I was also seeking for financial assist via SSI. I was a caregiver to my mom, dad and brother for more than 10 years so I lost all the SSD credits I earned from my years of employment. Anyhow, the good news is that I got medical coverage via Medicaid and I also started a part time job. I didn't get my SSI but I am given a second chance. I just want to thank everyone for prayers that were answered! God bless you all!


Prayers for Husband

My husband had a checkup CT scan this week following colon cancer and chemo. It showed enlarged lymph nodes. He is in the process right now of a pt scan. We will get the results this morning. We are so scared. He is so young. We have 4 boys. Please dear Jesus. Not cancer again. Please heal his body of all infection and all cancer. Please have mercy on our family. My husband. Our marriage. We are at your mercy. You are good dear Lord. You are sovereign. You are in control.


Brother needs Prayers

My father was murdered Christmas night two yrs ago.  My brother has been arrested and being charged for the capital murder of my father. We need prayers to give my brother a fighting chance and possibly save his life. Our family cannot endure more loss. 

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