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Pray for My Marriage

I've been married 36 years to a great guy with a critical spirit. We are losing our love for each other, I'm finding it hard to even pray for him. I'm very angry and hurt by things he says. Please pray for us both to grow spiritually.


Restoration for a Relationship

Please be praying for me, my ex-fiance, and both of our hearts, restoration in our relationship, and God’s will for both of us. I really appreciate it!


Prayer for Addiction

I have had a drinking and smoking problem for over 15 years. Sunday was my last day to drink and smoke.


Prayer for Vehicle

I am desperate for relief. It seems like things are always falling apart. My current source of stress and tears is my vehicle. I've spent the last ten weeks going from mechanic to mechanic to mechanic. Number five was finally the one! I've put everything I have into my vehicle here lately because it's all I have. As a single mom with two children with serious medical needs, I have to have a car! It's just not an option. I keep getting it fixed and within days something else stops working or breaks.


Prayers for Nephew's Facial Injury

My niece's husband, Kevin, sustained a facial injury while playing baseball a few days ago. A fast ball hit him in the face/left eye area. He has multiple fractures in his face/eye area.