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Marriage possibly ending

My husband and I have been married more than 10 rocky years. We can't communicate and I no longer have a desire to. We had an ugly fight a few weeks ago and I fear it may be the one that has completely broken us. I haven't tried to fix it because we fight as soon as we talk. My husband hasn't tried to fix it as his solution is ignore and pretend all is well. I am so sad for our child and what we will face if this is it. Please pray for me to find someway to forgive and take the steps needed to save us. Please pray for my husband to forgive also. Please pray that we can end our marriage peacefully if it comes to that. Thank you.


Grandma Needs Help on Water Debt

We have a sweet 94 year old woman in our congregation everyone calls Grandma. She lived on a very fixed income and her well went out. It was going to cost more to fix than adding rural water so she had to spend $2000 of money she saved for property taxes to have water. I'm asking for prayer for the fundraiser our church is having for her on May 6th. We need to raise money to replace what she spent.


Financial Help

I feel silly/guilty asking for prayers for this since there is so many more people with worse things than this on here but I know my wife and I cannot do it alone. We just keep getting deeper and deeper in financial debt and I'm almost getting to a breaking point. I don't want to lose my home or cars, since we need them. Please pray that we may be able to get some relief from our debt soon.


Loss of Father

Rozina lost her father and ask prayers for her family at this difficult time.


Healing and Restoration

My family restored. Things going on that only God can take care of.


Unexpected New Life

Please pray for my youngest son.  He told me that he and his girlfriend (soon to be fiancee) are expecting a baby in November. They are both so young, and while I am a bit heartbroken that they are not yet married and not in the best financial situation, I am praying that this will draw them closer to our heavenly Father, as they look to Him for strength and council. I am so encouraged by the power of prayer and I am giving their situation to God, asking him to bring beauty from ashes & may He receive all the Glory and Honor.


Healing for my mother

My mother had eye surgery on Monday and thought all had gone well. We got a phone call today that they found a growth behind her eye and they think it is cancer. We have an appointment for her tomorrow in OK. I'm asking for healing, that it is nothing and that God be with mom, the doctors and us.


Finishing School

I am one...maybe two years away from finally graduating, after nearly five years of sacrifice and financial struggles, and Satan has thrown a huge dart at me, which is threatening to jeopardize the entire thing. I just need a way to finish school and begin God's calling on my life, and finally have more time and energy for my son. It's been a long, difficult road, and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I know God has a plan, and I have been praying and praying. I'm trying not to be anxious, but it's hard. I'm exhausted, and am just ready for a break. I've thought about giving up, but I won't. God has brought me this far, and He is using me for His purposes. Please pray that I will trust God, be anxious for nothing, and remember that His timing is perfect. Thank you. Update  Praise Jesus, I was able to get the funding I need to finish my degree!!!  Please be in prayer for my son and me, as I work to finish this degree.  God has been with us. He has been faithful. Thank you for all the prayers I've received over the last couple of years. I know God has heard them.



Pray my feet are healed of Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome.



I am battling Stage IV Breast Cancer that has metastisized into my bones. My recent checkup showed increased activity in the bones and the tumor was pressing against my kidney. A lymph node has been affected and now my left leg has swollen about twice the size of my right leg and my foot is also swelling. The doctor says there is nothing he can do. We must let the medicine do its job. I now am using a walker. I have been suffering with this latest condition since October of last year. Please pray that the swelling in my leg and foot will go completely down, that I will be healed of this cancer and that my lymph nodes will function properly. My God is able.

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