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Church Home

I need prayers as I make a decision about which church to attend.  I have been going to the same church with my family for 7 years, but I feel like I am not getting spiritually fed.  I have another church that I would love to go to, but I feel like I haven't been released from my home church. My home church is so small and I am a big part of the church.   I don't want to leave this church without someone to take my place. Thank you for your prayers.  


Rough Year

I lost my mom last year and now my husband and I are nearing divorce. Please pray for peace for us both and for his salvation. Thank you



I started listening to KLRC over 6 years ago and immediately knew I wanted to go to JBU. I'm at the end of my high school career now, but I have no idea how to pay for college. Seems minor, but this means a lot to me.


Health Issues

Pray my father's dementia does not worsen and would even improve. Also, pray he handles stress well, has normal blood pressure and has no side effects from medication.



Needing many prayers for a good friend of mine and her family. They lost all they own and their pets in an overnight fire in Bentonville. She has 2 teenage sons as well. All was lost so they will be needing much as well as housing. Thank you. God bless.



Please pray for my cousin, Stormy. She has been in a bad car accident and is currently needs surgery. There aren't many details as to what is wrong but much of our family is up at the hospital praying for her. Please join us in prayer so she can make a full recovery! Thank you!


Family without a Mom

Please pray for a police officer who just lost his mom.  He is a friend of our family.  Please pray for his family.  They are going through a lot of hurt right now.   Asking God be with this family over the holidays. Thank you. 


My Son

My son is having surgery the 29 th.  He is getting his gallbladder removed. He is in his 30s and has been in so much pain.  Please pray for him as he is in Africa having this surgery.  I told him the Lord will be with him.  God keeps his hands on each one of us.  Please keep him in your prayers please.  


My Aunt Carol

I received some very hard to swallow news this morning. My aunt that has been battling stage 4 colon cancer for over 2 years now just found out that there is a very large increase in cancer activity in her longs, liver and colon. They are going to send her to Kansas City as soon as they can get her an appointment. She has gone through numerous surgeries and procedures and up until last week there were only a few spots on her lungs. She is the strongest woman I know and as a preachers wife she never gets discouraged. After telling me the news she said she is not discouraged and that maybe this needs to be to get her to the right help and be a testimony to more people. Please pray for her.



My husband and I need prayer for our marriage. It's in serious trouble.

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