Prayer Center


Mom/Children Separated

This July my family found out that my soon to be ex husband was abusing my daughter ( his stepdaughter) from age 7 to 10.  She has been unable to cope with the family, now that we know. Protective services have taken my 3 kids & want to terminate my rights as well as his.  I love my children, all 6 of them & would do anything for them, and I don't understand why I'm being blamed for the things my husband did that I knew nothing about.  I pray that God helps my children come home.  I've moved & I'm trying to begin again but I won't ever be complete without my children by my side. I would love for all your prayers because I know God is listening, & I have come to realize he loves me & knows me by name.  God bless you all.


Attack on my Family

I lost my job this summer and thankfully I was able to draw unemployment.  My son is a senior and works and gives me all of his money to keep the bills paid.  I have been needing medical help for many years and a few weeks ago 4 doctors told me that they were happy to make my case a pro0bono. I felt like I knew why I had lost my job so that I could have healing time after my surgeries. My son and I had a fight tonight and he told me that he can handle everything but me right now.


Teenage Daughter

Please pray for my teenage daughter. She is struggling with dealing with people. She counts herself as "not a people person". But it is starting to overflow to our family. She struggles to be friendly to her dad and I and her brothers. She says things like "I don't have any friends because I just don't like people". We hit a rebellious stage a few months ago and it has gotten worse. I hate to see my child struggling to be happy. I worry that when she goes off to college in May, her hatefulness is really going to get her in a lot of trouble. Please help me in lifting her up. I know the Lord has great plans for her.


Boy Facing a Bone MarrowTransplant/ Family & Finances

Our 7 year old son, Landon, starts his bone marrow transplant in Cincinnati, OH this month. We would also like for prayers for our family as we face many challenges leading up to the transplant. 


Single Mom Needs a Breakthrough

I feel like I've been struggling and struggling to start a life here, and it just seems to bring one dead end after another, after another. I finally got something of a job at the end of last year, and I am grateful for it and enjoy it, but it's not really enough to make the ends meet...barely. I'm constantly needing to rely on others to take my child to school for me, and am getting to a point where it's becoming hard to find someone. I'm a single mom, and I have to work. I'm doing the best I can to take care of my son and me, but it seems like nobody cares.