Prayer Center


Feeling Hopeless

Praise Update:  I have felt the prayers and have not been as depressed.  Thank you for praying.  Original Prayer Request:  God knows everything I have in my heart to pray for. way too much to type here.  I feel ready to meet him face to face. But I know at this point in my life, He won't have anything to do with me. I will NEVER get the chance to know exactly why He's let me live this long.


Broken Relationship

The man that I have spent the last 4 1/2 years of my life with, the one I thought I would call my husband..just informed me that he has/is moving in with another woman. This is a woman that he meet while WE were showing her rental properties. I am beyond hope at the moment. I'm so lost and feel so abandoned, cheated, and used. Please pray for me to find some peace in this.


Friend has Cancer

My friend's friend, Latonya, is in need of prayers as she is battling cancer and is undergoing chemo right now. Pray that God's healing hand may touch her and heal her body, comfort her during this difficult time, and give her the strength to handle his plan and will, and feel his presence! In Jesus name I pray! Amen


Father-in-Law with Cancer

My father in law has colon cancer. He has 6 straight weeks of radiation and chemo. This is his final week of radiation. He is having major side effects and is feeling so down. He said he can't take it anymore. Please pray for no more side effects and a healing.


Needs Prayer for Direction

I am 30 and living with my parents.  I need a car so I can get to work.  I need a career.  I have no children, and I've never been married.  What is God's calling for me? Thank you for your prayers.