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Job & Finances

I have been on this board for a while, and thank you for everyone who has prayed for us. My husband and I struggled to put him through school. He graduated from the graduate school in May and now has his teaching degree. I have been so proud of him, it is a hard thing to do in your 40's to go back to school, but we knew it was the path God wanted him on so we made the sacrifices needed to get him through. But he has yet to find a full time teaching position, he works 3 jobs right now but we are still struggling money wise. 


Strength for my Son

My son totalled his truck last week, and if God hadn't been watching over him he would not be here today. He feels so down on himself and feels like his life doesn't mean anything. Please pray that God will give him strength and insight for his life. Thank you.


Teen Girl Needs Healing

My 15 year daughter was recently diagnosed with RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy), a VERY painful disorder. She had a very minor injury in June of this year, and the injury healed, but the pain got worse. We finally received a diagnosis of RSD. The big problem is she is a PEDS patient with an adult diagnosis. We have recently found a doctor that agreed to take her on and that specializes in RSD. We start spinal injections on the 13th of this month. It is literally a struggle for every day life for her due to the pain. Please say a prayer that the injections work, and that God give her strength to get through this. This is something that she will have to live with for the rest of her life.


Relationship Problems

I have recently had some trouble with a guy. We broke up, and we kept going back and forth from talking to not talking anymore. It has ended up to where we don't talk at all anymore. Well, I want things to be better between us.  I feel God doesn't want us together, and I understand that. I just want him to get closer to God so we can actually be friends again. So please pray that he gets closer to knowing God...he needs it.


Cancer Treatment

My father is struggling with the side effects of chemo. He's not eating much and continues to lose weight. He has no energy and is often nauseous. Please pray for him.