Prayer Center



I have three kids in foster care. I have completed all recommendations but still have not regained custody of my children. I go to court Friday the 18th at 9:00 a.m. Please add me and my children to your prayer list. Also we are listeners of KLRC!


My Marriage

My marriage has been in trouble from day one. My husband does not like me to share his bed or anything in his life. He does not talk to me properly, always abusive. He maintains contact with his numerous girlfriends, yet he prays, reads the Bible, and goes to church. I feel so sad, and I use this time reading the word and praying. I have lost all feelings for him. Please pray for me.


Need Financial Breakthrough

My husband and I are under a mountain of debt. We are slowly making headway but not quick enough. We can't afford much in the way of rent but where we live just doesn't feel safe anymore. We can't afford to move but definitely can't afford to stay there anymore. Please help us by praying that the Lord helps us down the path to paying off our bills and being able to move. Buying a house would be wonderful but our Debt to Income ratio is just too high.


Please Pray for my Daughter

She is raising 2 kids...has removed a bad fiancé out of her house and she is very depressed..... I am worried about her as he is not a good person and he may lash out at her. She was also injured moving furniture and a plasma tv fell on her...she is having a very hard time trying to be strong. She has turned away from God. My heart breaks for her and my two grand babies.


Our Adoption

We have started the journey of our first adoption. We didn't plan to start this now but we feel God leading us to a little one with special needs in another country. We have signed the contract and started on our home study.  We need prayer for peace, perseverance, and reassurance as God shows us his provision. We are relying on him 100%. We have a donation page, held a yard sale, and have done fundraisers. We've seen his provision already. But the need is great and we need help.