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A Very Rough Past Year

A year ago, I decided to pull my stepson out of the public school system. He is three years behind, and I decided to homeschool him to help him get caught up and to get him away from the bullies. Normally, I would have contacted the school. When I talked to them about the problem, it wasn't other kids, it was the staff.

About the time I pulled him out, I became pregnant. It was an extremely rough pregnancy. I had severe morning sickness. In January (at 19 weeks), my stomach felt like it was splitting open. I went to the ER. I found out that my morning sickness had put several tears in my muscle wall. All I could do was take some pain medicine until my muscle wall healed. Five days later, I was heading to my follow up appointment, when I was involved in a hit and run. They hit me so hard, my car spun over 5 lanes four rounds. Luckily, I was not injured and I didn't hit anyone else in the crash. I was however in our only working vehicle. Luckily, our insurance covered a rental until we got our car back. Four days after the crash, I went into labor. I was barely 21 weeks. We lost our daughter.

We finally got our car back after 6 weeks, only to find out that they had lost the key, and didn't bother to make sure it was safe to drive. Now, our only working vehicle, jerks to the side once we hit 35 mph and will keep jerking as we speed up and slow down. We are just months away from paying off that vehicle, but we really need one with better gas mileage.

My three year old has developmental delays, sensory processing disorder, and is tactile defensive. To help her continue to catch up, she is now going to a developmental daycare. Each month, we will be spending about $300 in gas.

A few weeks ago, the heating element in our stove went out. Shortly after that, our washer and dryer went out in what is most probably a problem in electrical grounding. Sparks just shot out of the washer, and most likely came from the dryer. We got rearended in the past week. Luckily, there wasn't any damage. 

I got a job a month ago, but all our bills are so high. With the stillbirth, I have over $15,000 in medical bills. The stress is really getting to my husband, and I don't know if he or our marriage will recover from the trauma of the past year. Every time it starts to look up, we get another huge bill. Hoping and praying for some relief of any kind...either physical or spiritual. My whole family is breaking, and I don't know what to do to stop it or help it. Please pray for my family.

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