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Brother vs. Brother

Please pray for my 2 older sons. The oldest son allowed my 2nd son to move in with him. After a month, the younger one moved his girlfriend in too. My older son, who is a Christian, told him no and that the girlfriend had to leave. He told them that according to the Bible they could not live together without being married and especially in his house. The two brothers got into a big argument.

The girlfriend left feeling like my oldest thought she was "scum", my 2nd son moved out and now says he is never talking to the older brother AND that he (the 2nd son) is not a Christian. The oldest is upset and mad.

Please help me pray for all 3 of these. Please pray hard for the salvation of my 2nd son, as I thought he had been saved as a young boy. Pray that restoration with come between my sons and that the girlfriend will be saved and understand that this stand was not against her personally but against our beliefs of living together without marriage is wrong. This is a very stressful situation for me too. Thank you for all your prayers!!

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