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Viewing entries posted in March 2014


Decisions and Growth

I just want to ask for prayer for myself and my Sunday School class. I am exploring an opportunity to become a youth leader and I am trying to decide if this is the right decision and if God wants me to be in this position.


Prayer for Struggle and Guidance

I would like prayer for my life, I'm just struggling with a few things. And that God would just guide me.


New Chapter

I ask for prayers as our family enters a new life chapter. God has blessed my husband with a new job and we have found a "church home". But I ask for prayers as we attempt to close on our mortgage and my children learn to cope with negative influences in their school. God had blessed us and we are grateful. I ask for continued blessing on the other areas of our life.


Protection, Strength, and Faithfulness

Please pray for my marriage, for protection, strength, and faithfulness, for my job in ministry, and for my children's and husband's salvation. Thank you and God bless you!


Date "Not"... Instead of Date "Night"

My mom and step-dad got married 3 years ago, joining myself and my two brothers with his daughter. What started out as a "normal" family turned into a family with FIVE additional kids in the past 10 months.

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