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Pray for Peace in a Decision

My 17 year old daughter is pregnant and has made the decision to place her baby girl for adoption. We are struggling as a family to accept this decision as we want this child to be a part of our family. We are more than willing and able to care for this child and so are extended family on both ours and the boyfriend's side. This sweet baby will be loved whether or not she stays with our family, but we love her so much already and will grieve the loss of her in our lives even though my daughter has agreed to an open adoption. Please pray for God's will to be done and in His perfect plan, pray that families respect my daughter and continue to treat her with the love they had for her before the pregnancy. Please pray for a wonderfully joy-filled life of this baby with whomever her earthly family will be. Please pray for peace in our hearts as we are forced to let this sweet baby go. If it is God's will for my daughter to change her mind we would be so thankful and grateful, but are prepared otherwise.


Missions Trip to Thailand

I am planning on heading to Chaing Rai, Thailand this summer with 15 others to start a campus missionary and work with the church there. However, today the army declared martial law in Thailand following turmoil with the government and sometimes violent strikes in the Capital. God has His hand over this whole trip and is providing countless connections with Thai students at Oklahoma State University and even with pastors who have taken over thirty missions trips to Thailand. All of the money is raised and the plane tickets are bought, so we ask that you pray for this time of unrest for the people of Thailand and that it works out for safe traveling to and from the country. Also, please be praying for the two missionaries that are already on the ground over there.  Tomorrow morning we are having a conference with them for an update on the situation and to see how it looks from the inside.


Salvation for my Daughter and her Family

My daughter is autistic and so are her two kids. She also has mental problems and takes meds for it.  She is alright when she takes her meds but has a hard time getting them.  Her husband had an affair when her oldest child was born.  She hasn't been able to forgive him and it has been years.  It makes their homelife horrible.  My husband and I are disabled and are on a set income. We do what we can to help both physically and financially, but it isn't much.  More than anything. pray for them to be saved.


Pray for Healing

Please pray for Mary Ann to be healed of any cancer cell in her body and that she is given strength, energy, comfort, peace, and protection over her immune system & eyesight, restful sleep & no bad side effects from the chemo. In Jesus name! Amen! Thank you & God bless you!


Family Under Attack

Within the past 2 months my family has been under attach by Satan. In the past month I have seen several members of my family get saved, recommit their lives to the Lord, and it is such a blessing; however, in the midst of all this, every week for the past 2 months it seems like one bad thing after another keeps happening in our family.

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