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Broken Faith

I am asking for prayers to have my wife's faith restored.  We both had lost sight of it.  On June 1st she said, "It's over," and that devastated me.  I went to my friend's house, and he looked at me and said, "You are going to church with us today," and he wasn't taking no for an answer. Boy, am I glad I went.  My eyes were opened, and I'm glad the good Lord made me listen this time.  I found and put my faith back where it belongs and am asking for prayers that my wife's faith is restored. I want to have God in our marriage, for I know through him all things are possible. Thank you all. God bless everyone.


Pray for Her Family

Please pray I could lose this l00 pounds I have gained which set me into diabetes. Both my sons are l00 pounds overweight as well as my granddaughter and my nieces and nephew...all pre-diabetic.   It is like we are suffering from a curse. Thank you all for the prayers.  I know where two or more pray, God heals.


Prayer for House to Sell

I am a single mother of 2 boys. I am 2 years free from my abusive ex husband. I am trying to sell my house. Please pray it sells very soon to free up money and pay off bills. Thank you for your ministry and encouragement.


I Need a Miracle

Eighty-six days ago I began a 90-day phase-out of my job. After applying for many positions, requesting informal meetings with hiring managers, and having numerous interviews, I am down to my last two business days (Friday and Monday). I thought it was time to give up on finding a job within the company but 3 or 4 people told me I needed to continue to apply until the very last minute. On Monday, I applied for several more and in those was one I really wanted so I sent a request to the hiring manager for an informal meeting prior to the interviews being conducted. He put me in touch with the individual who is currently in the role. She and I had an awesome meeting this morning and I found the position totally aligns with my skillset. In order for me to be selected for the position before my time runs out, God will definitely have to intervene in at least one of several areas. I can't help but believe He is already orchestrating this - who else would have 3-4 people tell me the same within just a few days (keep applying)? Who else would have had the position open this week? Who else can work to take care of the rest of the details that need to happen? ONLY our God!!! Please pray and join me in asking Him for this miracle!!


My Dad

Please pray for my dad as he fights cancer. He has begun meds this week. Please pray that the side effects will be minimal and manageable. Thank you! We know that prayer works.

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