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Viewing entries posted in June 2014


Please Pray for my Girlfriend

My girlfriend is sick and needs prayer. Her name is Megan.


Prayer for Loved One with Addictions

I would like to ask that you please keep a loved one of mine in your prayers. She has left her husband and kids and has gone back down a dark road of drugs & alcohol. We know there is nothing we can do to help her and that getting help is something only she can decide on. My only hope is that she will turn around before it's too late. If you would please lift her up in prayer, I would appreciate it. Thank you and God Bless.


Please Pray for our Situation

I am at rock bottom and seeking all the prayer that we can get. I am a mother of five children, 35 weeks pregnant in a high risk pregnancy that has caused me to not be able to work. I am having to have a C-section that will keep me out of work for an additional 6 weeks after the baby arrives. We are in serious financial trouble and need, I received an eviction notice at the beginning of this month and have no where else to go other than where we are now. I am looking at being homeless with my children and a new born if I can not find a way out of this situation.


My Dad Needs Prayer

My dad is a wonderful Christian man who loves his family and life dearly. He's fighting for his life right now. Please pray for him.


I Need Prayer for Hope

I just finished a year at a new job where I felt desperately needed and was able to share God's love with teenagers who are homeless, abused, and lost. I was not rehired even though my evaluations of performance were all glowing, due to a campaign from one colleague who despises God and anyone who shares the joy of His love.


Prayer for my Mother to Find a Job

My mom has been such an inspiration and women of Christ. She lives for Him day by day and believes in The Lord so much. It's incredibly to see her in this journey. I just pray that she will find a job that will be encouraging and up lifting. She does so much for my siblings and I. She raised 4 children on her own while going back to college so that she could better her life but mainly she wanted to better our lives. I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful mother. And sometimes I take things for granted. But when I see her struggling it reminds me how wonderful and beautiful she is.


We Pray for Water

We are a family of 5 whose water was shut off today. My husband is out of town working hard.  I do not have the heart to inform him since I know we can't afford to turn it back on and theirs no need to discourage him. So I guess I'm just asking for prayer for the kids and I to keep our spirits up and find a way through this. Thank you


I Need God's Strength

I have so much anxiety because of my job and one specific person with whom I work. My stomach is in knots the entire time I am at work. I also feel like I am drowning financially and struggling spiritually. I am a single mom trying to balance a full time (full of anxiety) job and home. Please pray for strength and power over the evil one. Thank you so much and God bless you.


Friend Whose Son Drowned

A dear friend of mine just had a son who drowned. She is needing all of our prayers.  Her name is Heidi, and the funeral will be in Siloam Springs this Friday at Wasson Funeral Home.


Prayer for my Husband to Find a Job

Please pray for my husband, who has been in factory jobs for 27 years, to find the perfect fit job. He has lost his job due to the company moving to Mexico, and has been laid off twice at two other jobs. He has a perfect job record so we are not understanding this journey. I am believing in a miracle for us!!! He has no other experience or education to pursue a lot of areas so his job opportunities are limited but we have a bigger God than this!!!! Thank you!!!

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