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Viewing entries posted in June 2014


Prayers for Career

I am asking for prayers for me to find a good job. I am presently employed, but I am absolutely miserable. I am so miserable that it is causing my depression to return. I work in sales and enjoy that aspect of the job, but my managers and their childish behavior drive me crazy. There is zero professionalism here. I am 47, and spent twelve years as a police officer. I also have a bachelor's degree in criminal justice, but at my age it is very difficult obtaining a job in that field. I know God has the right job out there for me, as well as the best employers. Please keep me in your prayers.


Prayers for Daughter-in-law

Please pray for my daughter in law.  She is fighting cancer and needs a lot of prayers.  Thank you.


Prayers being Answered

Prayer Update from April 19th


Needing a Rescue

I am a 29 year old male Christian struggling with attraction to men and gay pornography. I have been struggling with for a while and I know God has a great plan for me but the devil keeps tempting me. I need your prayer and help to get out of this so I won't have this struggle and God can use me to help other men.


Prayers for a Child

My sister and her husband have been married now for three years, and have been trying to have babies since they were married. My sister had cancer in her 20's and God brought her through that miraculously from near death to 100% health within 6 months!! The doctors say that there is no medical reason that they should not be able to conceive.   Please pray for a Christmas miracle this year! Thank you for all you do, and thank you for your support! 


Grandson's Project to Help

My 12 year grandson Evan is making Christmas bags for the homeless in the community of Fayetteville.  Pray he is able to collect the items he needs to help the homeless have a better Christmas.  Thank you


Financial Struggles

It's been a hard year for my son and me, especially in the last four months. Now, the vehicle God blessed us with earlier this year won't start and I have no way to tow it, find out what's wrong, or get it fixed. It's my only mode of transportation, and I need to be able to work, get to my internship sites, get to class, and get my son to school. It's hard enough that I can't get my son a Christmas gift this year, now this happens. I know God is in control, and I'm desperately trying to trust Him. I'm a single mom, and my only source of income is substitute teaching. It's tight enough as it is. I can't afford to miss anymore work. Please pray that God will fix our vehicle. Thank you.


Missing Son

My son was in a treatment facility out of state. He has left and we have not been able to contact him. We are so worried. Please pray that we are able to find him and he is safe.


Missing Mom

My mom passed recently and it has been very hard on my family, especially me, with my birthday and Christmas coming.  We would like some prayer for peace and comfort at these trying times. Thank you for the prayers in advance and "God bless everyone", as tiny Tim would say.  


A Hard Journey

My family and I are on a journey I never thought we'd be on and it is especially hard at this time of the year. In August my husband decided to kill himself, he felt he had let us down, had hurt his witness and was drowning in debt, debt he hid well and a sadness and misery that he hid well. There are several layers to all of this and God knows each one, but I am asking for peace, comfort, to be able to trust again and to be able, despite our heart-wrenching grief to be able to still see joy this Christmas and point others to Christ.

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