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Viewing entries posted in July 2014


Pray for a Job

My husband just graduated college. We desperately need for him to get a job in his field. We both worked hard and made a lot of scarifies to get him though college.  Now he has and we need him to get a job. Please help by adding to our prayers that he will find a job soon and we can start living our lives. Thank you


Special Needs Son

My son was recently diagnosed with Autism. He has to go to a special needs school. Please pray that all the details of that transition will be worked out, my son will have a smooth transition, and my marraige will remain strong through this.


Prayers for a Family in Need

Please pray for our family of 4. We are 2 months behind in rent.


Marriage Issues

My husband and I have recently gotten back together after being separated for 2 years. He had an affair.  For some reason I feel like I am suppose to be giving him another chance. But he has a sex addiction.   His first affair was with a 19 yr old, and he is 50 and a non believer.  


Fighting for my Son

We are a midst a situation where my ex husband has filed child abuse allegations against my current husband and myself because our child was spanked with a belt. We now have to get a lawyer and fight him, again.


Defeated & Needs Hope

I have lived here in Siloam now for nearly 18 months. I've prayed. I'm hanging on to my faith and God literally for dear life. I had to turn down a job interview because I couldn't afford the gas to get there. Even if I got the job, I'm not sure how I would pay for gas until I got my first pay check. I have two bills to still pay. I'll need rent for August soon.


Prayer for my Dad

Please pray for my dad as he continues to fight cancer. He needs to eat, but has no appetite.


Prayer for Salvation and Restoration

My husband moved out last year and filed for divorce, which was finalized last year. God has told me to stand for his salvation and marriage restoration. It's tough, but God has given me unconditional love for my spouse(even though courts say he's my ex, I still refer to him as spouse).


Nephews/Neices Need Guidance

I would like assistance in praying for my teenage nieces and nephews who are struggling with making wise choices in their lives. I would like to see them quit making bad choices in school, drugs/alcohol, and find a new path that will help them build a better future for their lives. I want to see them graduate, get motivated to continue their education after high school, and to serve the Lord.


Prayer for My Family

My uncle Chris passed away early this morning, and he is in heaven now with the Lord.

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