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Viewing entries posted in September 2014


Cancer Treatment

My father is struggling with the side effects of chemo. He's not eating much and continues to lose weight. He has no energy and is often nauseous. Please pray for him.


God Answered!

I posted a request recently asking for prayer for my marriage to be restored.  Well, GOD has touched my wife's heart.  Our marriage is restored and getting stronger than ever...my heart is filling with her and God's love to more than full and now overfilling.  All of your prayers and ours have been answered, and I realize that God reigns over all of us and has our best in his heart. Thank you all for your blessings and cares.  I hope this post gives others HOPE and LOVE during their trials and no matter the outcome, I hope everyone knows one thing through our lives: GOD never fails, never stops LOVING and NEVER EVER ABANDONS.


Service Work in Costa Rica

Recently I was invited to go to Costa Rica for a service trip this summer. I would love to go and help build schools, houses, and a library. The program is called True Nature Education and I think it would be an amazing way to serve others while enjoying the beauty in nature God has blessed the world with. The trip will cost a little over $2000 and as a full time college student, nannying, and being a part of two honors societies, I am struggling to see a way to find the time to make extra money to pay for this trip.


Desperate for Relief

I'm a recently divorced single mother of two young children. After 6 years of an abusive relationship, that landed me in the hospital multiple times, I got up the courage to leave. I've had restraining orders, an order of protection and now a permanent, everlasting injunction against my ex.  I just moved in June (again) to get myself and children further away. Yet the threats continue... the intimidation continues... he uses the children as his means to get to me. 


Boldness and Strength

I'm restarting my Gospel campaign using a sign on my truck saying, "Want to know about Jesus?  Ask me," and has a number on it.  I'm just asking for prayers for boldness and strength to do God's will.  I love to talk about what Jesus did for us and also pray for the lost soul needing him.  Thanks


Struggling Single Mom

I recently left an abusive relationship. I am six months pregnant and have a three year old son. I am struggling to make ends meet already. I need God to provide for my family. My C-section is scheduled for December 30th and maternity leave is unpaid. Please pray that I will still be able to provide for my family. I am really struggling...



I had surgery a week ago to remove my gallbladder and was healing a long nicely until Sunday evening. I have been super anxious to the point that I spend all day and all night pacing. I cannot sleep. I do struggle with depression and general anxiety. Last night I spent all night in the ER because I feel like I am not getting enough air but every thing checked out. Praise God for that. I just cannot get my mind to settle down. All prayers are appreciated.


Did God not Make Someone for Me?

It bugs me having never been married. I'm 32, the mother of two kids, and I have been rushing to snatch up men who are bad for me because I'm afraid of being alone. I know God should be my all, but as I get older I get scared that I'm never going to have that companionship. I've sacrificed my self-respect, self-esteem, and even some of my hope trying to find the right one myself. I finally have had enough. I know God doesn't want me to settle for less, and I know he will provide what I need until He sends someone who can. I just get so filled with self-doubt, that I'm not strong enough. It's so hard in today's society to have these standards and ignore the social conventions. I've been praying and fasting and I just know that I need some serious prayer. Thank you.


Son has Hogkins Disease

We just found out that my 5 year son, Shon I Arrington has Hogkins disease, which is cancer.  We are traveling back and forth to Arkansas Childrens Hospital for chemo. We also have to take him to ACH every time he runs a fever. He just got out this past Friday. I would like everyone to remember him in prayer. Thank You.


Need Prayers for Strength

I lost my job of 14 years back in April.  I was making 12.00 an hour.  I was out of work for 4 months and I am now back to working making 9.00 an hour and will be bumped to 10.00 an hour in 2 weeks. During the time of my unemployment I got way behind on my bills. Today my vehicle was repossesed and I'm feeling very discouraged. Four years ago I diagnosed with breast cancer and I'm trying to pay on those bills also. I've had to stop taking my medication for a while until I can get ahead but now that I have to try and get my car back that is going to be an even longer wait I'm afraid.

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