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Viewing entries posted in April 2015


A Life Changing Promotion

A very special friend of mine put in for a promotion yesterday. He is a Corrections Officer and is by far one of the hardest working men that God has blessed us with. He basically supports 6 people on a very very very small salary. Please pray for him and that his promotion will go through. This would be a LIFE CHANGER. He also applied for a team within the prison that would also benefit his career and salary. Please pray for him. He deserves both of these more than anyone I know. He gives everything he has, every day even when he himself doesn't have enough to get by. Pray for him, please.


Son is Having Surgery

My little boy is having his tonsils and adenoids removed this month. He has a long list of medical problems as it is, so please pray that this surgery goes well and that his recovery is quick. I'm afraid for the little guy.


Taking a Stand Against Abuse #3

Well, I just wanted to post an update and thank you ALL for all of your prayers!  First, I've had a Protective order against my ex since Feb and have gone to court over it several times. The judge ordered my ex to take a batterers assessment and report back to him. I expect to get a FINAL order at that time. I've asked for the maximum the law will allow, 5 years. I might only get one for a year, but something is better than nothing. I'm praying for the maximum however and I would appreciate your prayers for this also.


Re: Financial Crisis Dated 3/15/15

I want to thank people for their prayers! Though I'm still waiting to hear from Medicaid or supplemental disability, God has graciously gotten me through each month. He either showed me what to do or had a listening ear help provide assistance for me during that month. I know that prayers are heard and I thank you all. This has been a job-less year for me... But I know God has a plan and hasn't deserted me. Thank you again. Please keep me in prayer though... If you are able to. Thank you.


Healing and Deliverance

I've been a missionary for a number of years. I traveled to the Arab World several times, but in my last visit, to Egypt, when I arrived I slept 15 hours and after that I couldn’t fall asleep. So, for 5 years now I've been on strong medications to sleep and unable to work. I experience severe anxiety, depression and fear. Anxiety is what causes me the greatest suffering, I believe this is a spiritual attack and a demonic oppression. Would you please pray for total healing and deliverance and for the Lord to give me a new direction for my life? Thank you very much. If you have any comments or questions, please let me know.


Unemployed & Homeless

Please pray for me. My boyfriend, Jeremy, broke up with me last Saturday. I am still hurting over him and I miss him and I want to be reunited back with him.  He will not call me or talk to me. I need a full-time weekday job and transportation and housing for me and my dog and my 2 kids.  I need a good church home to join in the Bentonville area.


Our Marriage

I would like prayers for my husband and me. We are going through some rough patches in our relationship, and I pray, with our marriage counseling, that God will help guide our relationship into a better place.


Marine Denied Leave for His Wedding

Through clerical errors and a new Sargent, Lance Corporal Kevin B has been denied leave to go to his own wedding in less than three weeks! Everything has been paid for, 600 dollars worth of plane tickets are non refundable, most things cannot be refunded, this will cost so very much and will be so devastating to the couple and myself, mother of the bride. God really put this wedding together... there are so many things that have taken place from winning a package to providing a wonderful place to have it. Kevin has really gone through so very much. He has PTSD really bad from the missions in Special OPs. He is dealing with physical problems and emotional issues. My daughter believes God is going to change the situation and is continuing with all rest of the things needing done.


Prayers for Son and Encouragement for Dad

My 14 year old son, Jacob, broke his arm this morning at school. He broke both bones above his wrists. The ER doctor was unable to align the bones together, so they are going to do surgery in the morning. Please pray that this goes well.  I need prayers also.  I don't know how much more I can take. I am a Christian and I trust God, but so much has been happening. Two years ago, Jacob had to have brain surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota because he has Moyamoya disease.  Right after Christmas, 2014, my wife of 25 years left me. She said she didn't love me anymore. She has filed for divorce and forced us into bankruptcy court.  Last week, our 23 year old daughter quit her job and moved 2 hours away with boyfriend that she met 3 weeks ago. My car is not running well and now Jacob breaks his arm. I still have faith and I know things with work out, right?


Need Prayer and Guidance

My son has racked up several tickets and lost his car to an impound place here.  We don't have the money to get it out, and I'm a single mom. I can't do this by myself.  I have been too sick to work. I am seeking emeergenncy assistance and don't want to see my son go to jail. We need prayer and guidance.

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