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Viewing entries posted in September 2015


Friend Needs Prayer

My friend, Bryan, who is a single father, just received bad lab results and they also saw some white spots on his chest x-ray. They are now going to perform further testing to check for cancer. Please lift up my friend in prayer as he is going through a lot of emotional distress. I thank you ahead of time.


Employment Needed

I am in urgent need of employment, I left my previous job at a law firm to help my daughter care for her son who was born with club foot. The lord has since done a miraculous healing in him. Unfortunately our family finances are suffering and I urgently need a job. Please help me pray that God will provide a means for me to help my husband with the bills. Thank you and God bless you


Missing Teen

https://www.facebook.com/heather.preece.7/posts/1041738529178454 Please pray for Lea, her family and friends. She is such a sweet beautiful girl and has been missing since Labor Day with no contact.


Needing a Miracle

I just want to take the time to ask for a miracle. I have been accepted into college and I am starting October 5th. I was blessed with a Pell grant and financial aide helping me get into this program. The one thing I am needing a miracle on is I have no way of paying for living expenses. I was working before full time but now that I will be going to school full time I am not able to do both.


Hard Times Due to Health Issues

For many years I have suffered back problems, a horrible burning pain between my shoulder blades. I spent years trying to get answers, but couldn't find a doctor to listen to me. Over the last 23 years the pain has gotten worse (especially in the last 5 years). In 2010 I was working at Wal-Mart and was having one health issue after another from headaches, back pain, shingles, and panic attacks. I did some praying and I quit my job. I went to trade school but was unable to find work. That is when I felt God tell me, "apply for disability and I will carry you through." That was September 2011. So I applied and am still waiting to be approved.


Prayers of Peace Needed

Three days ago my stepdad had another heart attack. This is the 2nd time in 4 months. This morning the doctor called the family in to make final preparations. My heart is so heavy right now. Please keep my family in your prayers.


Praise Report

I want to give everyone that prayed for my prayer request for a broken heart last year appreciation. I was heartbroken last year but this year I am receiving healing and continual healing! God has now blessed me with a boyfriend that respects me and God is working through my current boyfriend to bring healing to the damage of being disrespected that my previous boyfriend caused me. I feel like a princess when I am with my current boyfriend compared to feeling like a slave when I was with my previous boyfriend. God is good!


Single Mom Needing Answers/Solutions

I know God has been working in my life, and in my son's life. He provided me a job over the summer, so I would have an income. He provided me enough work after the school year started to be able to pay my basic bills (minus rent). I know it's the grace of God that I am still in school and doing good. Still, there are so many needs, so many questions I need answers to, and although I know God is at work, I can't help but wonder if there is more I need to be doing to continue to improve my situation.


Standing for my Marriage

I am trying to forgive my husband for a 2 year affair with another women, with getting in trouble with the law(facing jail time), an alcohol addiction and pornography. I have been worried about getting hurt again and worry only means I am not trusting God. I know He does but I am being attacked by the devil. Triggers keep getting in my head and heart. My dh is trying his best now, has accepted Jesus(PTL), gone to AA and has been doing everything in his power to try and treat me right. We are spending a lot of time together and going to church. We both attend Bible studies at our church which is very new for us.


Daughter Needs Prayer

My daughter has two children to raise alone. They are 5 and 2. She has lost her job also and has been staying in a trailer with floors caving in and maybe even termites.  It used to be mine, but it's all I could do for her. Bills are hard to pay and they have hardly any food. I don't know what to do as I don't have much myself.  I've prayed God would send help soon.  She's trying her best but everything just keeps knocking her down. Please pray.  Thank you.

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