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Viewing entries posted in April 2016


Prayer for my Sons

My sons are addicted to drugs and alcohol. I claim it in the name of Jesus that the enemy will not overcome! I pray for a constant hedge of protection and guardian and warrior angels around them! I woke up this morning angry about this, and I put the enemy on the run! I haven't been living a godly life for awhile and I asked Father for forgiveness, and I am ready to get back on track with Him! I claim Jeremiah 29:11-14, "The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet". Romans 16:20 (NLT)


Finances for Church Building

I shepherd a small church community of mostly economically challenged believers in Nairobi, Kenya. We have been trying to buy property and build a sanctuary for we’ve all along been renting. Please pray for God’s provision towards this so we can reach more souls.


Prayer for my Mother

My Mom was a meth addict for 27 years. Almost 3.5 years ago, I got a call that my Mom was in the hospital recovering from seizures. It scared me, because I hadn't spoke to her in almost a year. That day my Mom turned her life around, started going to our awesome church, and has been free from addiction for almost 3.5 years!! Last week she had been seizure free for a year! Unfortunately this past Friday she had a seizure. She is recovering nicely, but she is a little down about it. She is trying to get her own place this summer, just got a promotion at work, and she doesn't want to let this stop her from living her life. I am asking for prayer for healing. We know that her seizures could be much worse than they are, but we are hopeful for ZERO seizures from here on out.


Son Needs Prayer

Please pray for my son.  He's thirty years old and just found out he has high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  The doctor told him if he don't lose weight he could die.  Pray that God will help him to lose this weight he needs to lose.  I know God is a Healer!


My Friend

Please pray for my friend who is going to the hospital. She has been having lots of health problems lately.  I don't live close so I can't be with her.


Family's Devastating Loss

Please lift up Gina Howe and family. On Sunday her husband, Zane, died in an accident on Fort Gibson lake. His body was recovered Monday morning. As she prepares to lay him to rest tomorrow she is doubley heartbroken as today marks 5 years since her father went home to the Lord. My daughter is married to Zane's son, an active duty Marine. This whole family and extended family and the entire community are in a state of shock, disbelief, and a grief so heavy it is hard to breathe. We know that He is in control and He is the anchor but we will greatly appreciate prayers of peace and comfort and healing for our broken hearts, especially for Gina and their children. Thank you and God bless!


Co-Worker Needs Prayer

One of my co-workers is having a very hard time right now. Her husband has had several very serious medical issues in the past year. She had to leave work early today because of stress and anxiety. Please Pray for her and her husband, for healing and salvation.


For Good Test Results

I would like prayers for my mother. She has upcoming medical tests and pray that they come back okay.


Prayers to Conceive a Baby

My husband and I are in the middle of our IVF cycle. Please pray that Heavenly Father will bless us with a child. Thank you!


Prayers for a Kidney Transplant

HI, I am asking for prayers for a kidney transplant. I have been on the transplant list for 4 years, I thank GOD every day for giving me the strength and determination to know that this will happen. I have a rare blood type and can only have B or O positive or negative types and that they match my tissue. I know that God has been with me always and I know that this will happen. He is so good and his GRACE is so amazing. I know the power of prayer and what it can do. So having the community in prayer with me, would be so amazing. Thank you KLRC for making this prayer portal available to so many.

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