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Viewing entries posted in June 2016


Prayers for Papa

My Grandfather was working on tearing out an old deck at his house. The deck gave out and he fell two stories. He crushed his ankle on his right foot, broke his heel on his left foot, and broke several ribs.  He won't be able to put any weight on both feet for at least 10 weeks. He only has one kidney and it is only functioning at about 23%, which has us worried about the surgery he's going into this morning. So please keep him in your prayers!


Favor, Protection, and Direction for Grandson

Please pray for my 17 year old grandson.  God's direction for his life as he is considering joining the Navy and God's favor on him for his life.  He needs to pass the physical, if this is God's will.  He is a senior and a born again Christian. Thank you.  Love in Christ


Friend Needs Prayers

My college friend asked me to pray for someone that I have never met that is battling some sort of sickness.  They are unsure what it is and there is no cure. The doctors have stated that he probably will not survive.   His life may end shortly, I want to ask someone to pray for him, a miraculous healing and that God be with his family. If it is his time to go, that he knows Jesus as his Savior. Thank you!


Father's prayer

I need God to bring my son home to visit his Grandmother who is afflicted with lung cancer and will be called home soon.  We have not spoken to him since October and we miss him very much and we love him very much.


Crying out for Prayers

Please pray for my marriage, kids, healing and redemption. We are about to file bankruptcy due to a job change. I caught my husband lying to me and realized he had fallen back into some addictions.   I am pregnant, scared, broken, lost and uncertain about my future. There is so much tension, aggression, insecurity, and fear causing our marriage to crumble. I feel the tug on my spiritual relationship in everything.  I am trying to work, be positive, and trust even though the rug has been pulled out multiple times. My husband is so angry and his demeanor has changed so much.  I know my strength, joy, peace, love, and encouragement is all in the Lord. Pray for my husband's relationship with God and pray I can protect my children from the hurt, upon their return from summer activities.  Also, pray for my friend who is dealing with anxieties.   


Prayers for a Friend's Son

Please pray for a friend trying to help her son find his way in life.


Prayers for Health Issues

Please pray for an older family member with heath issues.  Please heal this person and make him stronger. Thank you for all the prayers.


Sister Receives Pet Scan Results Today

My sister Suzanne has been battling bone cancer. She just finished her chemo treatment and will get pet scan results today. Please agree with me in prayer that she will get a good report. Thanks & God bless!


Grandmother needs Prayers

My daughter is incarcerated and my grandson's birthday is next Thursday. She will miss it. I need prayers knowing the right thing to say on his birthday so it will be special for him. He misses his mommy so much.


Prayers for Sister

Please pray for my older sister, Ashley. She would love to get married and start a family, but God hasn't brought the right guy into her life yet. Please pray that she would continue to remain patient and peaceful as she waits for God's will to unfold, and that God would prepare her for all that He has in store for her. Thank you!

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