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Viewing entries posted in October 2016


Brother needs Prayers

My father was murdered Christmas night two yrs ago.  My brother has been arrested and being charged for the capital murder of my father. We need prayers to give my brother a fighting chance and possibly save his life. Our family cannot endure more loss. 


Prayer for Employment

Please pray for my son that he finds a better paying job with his skills set.  He is working outside and fighting allergies constantly.  He just got married and wants to better provide for his new wife and girls. He had several job interviews but someone else always gets the job. He and his wife love the Lord and we are all praying.  Also, pray for my daughter looking for work. My daughter and her girls live with us and she needs employment as well.


Job Needs

My husband and I moved to Northwest Arkansas in May so I could go to Esthetician school. We had to move in with my parents.  I graduated school in September 24, and I still have not found a job in that field. My parents are wanting us to move out as soon as possible, but I have no job and my husband is barely making any money.  I don't have the money or the experience to open my own business. Please if anyone reads this to please pray that I will find work and my husband's job gets busier so we can pay our bills and get on our own. Thank you and God Bless


Prayers for Son

My son just entered a year long treatment center (The Hope Center) for prescription drug abuse. Please pray that he will have the strength to stay and that he will have the peace of God. Also pray that God completely heals him from addiction and he will come out forever healed.


Upcoming Surgery

I have to undergo carotid artery surgery this Thursday and I like to ask for prayers that the surgery will go well.  I had a very bad experience in August with a heart catherization.  Please pray that this time I will have peace and comfort by our Lord and Savior and He will get me through this without problems.


Prayers for Guidance

I am a single mom. Praying for the restoration of my marriage. Right now I am having problems at one of my jobs. I have a contract and the end of it is coming up. I wanted to continue but take a few days off to see family, catch up on sleep, and maybe change jobs when I returned. I was informed that I can't do that and in fact that it doesn't matter if my contract is over or not I can't change jobs. I realize that I am no longer comfortable working under these conditions. The only thing is I don't make enough at my other two jobs to cover my bills and I can't afford childcare. I need prayers for guidance during this difficult time while I await the prodigal return in my life.


Desperate for Prayers

Help!  Thank YOU LORD GOD for reminding us: YOU are still in complete control, when our lives seem to be spiraling out of control.  Humbly, hoping in Jesus Christ


Overcome Depression

Almost a year ago I took an overdose, God seen good in me and saved me. Since then I have fought depression, it sneaks up and boom I'm right back to that moment when I took the pills, pray for me and anyone else that maybe going through this! I am still getting help through church and other places but still have my moments that makes me wonder... Prayers are greatly appreciated


Miscarried Again

Please pray.  We have miscarried four times now and we just lost a set of twins.  Please pray for our family.  We really want more children, whether I give birth myself or adopt, whatever God has in store please pray hard!!! Thank you


Broken Family

We have been married 25 years, but it spiraled down into a slow fade several years ago. We have 3 children and have been separated now for 8 months. I feel my marriage relationship, my daughter's heart, and our family's strength fading away. God has renewed my love for my husband and opened my eyes to so many times I could have made better choices, but my husband has less and less to do or say to me. I pray my husband will return to God and us.

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