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Viewing entries posted in April 2017


Prayers for The Hash Family

I have known Sharon Hash for the past few years through her families food truck business. A few weeks ago her husband Dan Hash had a stroke. He was taken to Tulsa for surgery and is now in rehab. Sharon has said that it is slow going and that she fears unless a miracle happens that he will be disabled for life. I believe that miracles can happen. I know that the prayers of the faithful can move mountains. I am asking for prayer for her comfort and strength during this time, and for Dan's healing and recovery.


Need Employment

I have been without employment since January because a contract was not renewed between 2 companies. I need a new job and it really should be a daytime job for the sake of my mental health. I struggle with low morale and depression when I work nights.


Relationship Struggles

I am a mother and a wife. I have been living for Our Father Jesus and my husband doesn't.  I have a 6 year old daughter and I am doing my best to have Jesus in her life.   I feel that the fighting that me and her step-dad do will make this marriage end. I have tried to find a job so that I can help with bills.  My husband sees the bad in everything and I try my best to tell him it will be okay. We seem to fight about not having money to pay our bills and I don't can't seem to make him happy with anything. I have been trying to make this marriage work and it's been so hard. With all the prayer I pray for my husband and the crying I do everyday I can't do anything right. I don't want to leave and my daughter lose the other father she has and I lose the only man that has tried his best to pay bills and put up with me.  I can't keep fighting with him.  I will keep praying for my husband to find God and that our marriage will find the right path. I believe that God has a plan for me and my husband. 


Wife Looking for Job

My wife is currently looking for a new job. She is being mistreated where she works now by her boss. It's getting really hard for to have a desire to go to work. I want her to be happy, and have that desire to go to work. I was laid off from my job a few months ago, and spent several weeks looking for a new job. She is wanting to work in a school environment, as a secretary. I know she would be happy there, and be where God wants her.


Healing and Separation

My son is going thru a separation right now and has not seen his children in a while. He is very depressed after being in an emotionally abusive marriage. His wife was mostly degrading toward him in the marriage. She is very self centered and even emotionally abusive to the children. Pray that God will give my son peace, strength to endure the separation and also that the divorce will end with him getting custody of his children. The mother takes medication for panic attacks, cannot control the children, has not been able to hold down a job, and is not stable. The children deserve much more than this. They love their father as he was the only stability they had. Pray for my son's healing and the children's safety. I ask God to return my loving son to us in a way that will give God the glory.


Marriage possibly ending

My husband and I have been married more than 10 rocky years. We can't communicate and I no longer have a desire to. We had an ugly fight a few weeks ago and I fear it may be the one that has completely broken us. I haven't tried to fix it because we fight as soon as we talk. My husband hasn't tried to fix it as his solution is ignore and pretend all is well. I am so sad for our child and what we will face if this is it. Please pray for me to find someway to forgive and take the steps needed to save us. Please pray for my husband to forgive also. Please pray that we can end our marriage peacefully if it comes to that. Thank you.


Grandma Needs Help on Water Debt

We have a sweet 94 year old woman in our congregation everyone calls Grandma. She lived on a very fixed income and her well went out. It was going to cost more to fix than adding rural water so she had to spend $2000 of money she saved for property taxes to have water. I'm asking for prayer for the fundraiser our church is having for her on May 6th. We need to raise money to replace what she spent.


Financial Help

I feel silly/guilty asking for prayers for this since there is so many more people with worse things than this on here but I know my wife and I cannot do it alone. We just keep getting deeper and deeper in financial debt and I'm almost getting to a breaking point. I don't want to lose my home or cars, since we need them. Please pray that we may be able to get some relief from our debt soon.


Loss of Father

Rozina lost her father and ask prayers for her family at this difficult time.


Healing and Restoration

My family restored. Things going on that only God can take care of.

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