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Viewing entries posted in November 2017


The Lost Seek Him

There are so many people in the world that don't know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Please pray that all the lost souls will cry out to Jesus and repent of their sins and truly follow Him. Jesus will be returning very soon to save His children from this dark world. I pray that all the lost souls will cry out to Jesus so that they don't have to endure the tribulation period that's coming soon. Thanks for your prayers! God Bless.


Prayers for Salvation and Healing

Please pray for my friend battling late stage cancer, depression, and bitterness. Pray he would open his heart to the healing love of Jesus and be saved.  



Please pray that God will move in a situation that is on my heart.


Daughter's Birthday

We had a terrible Thanksgiving.  Elisabeth will be 30 on Nov 30.  Please pray she has a wonderful birthday and her year will be worth living and God will give her a token of good as 2017 has not a good year to her.


Hurting Wife

Please pray for me.  I am going through a lot this holiday.  My sister passed away last year.  Seven years ago on Thanksgiving my aunt died and on December 26 I lost my dad to brain cancer.  My marriage is falling apart.  Thank you KLRC for caring.  


Daughter's Health Issues

When she was a baby she had a feeding tube and other medical complications.  The doctors couldn't determine any reasons for her complications and we were told she would be like that the rest of her life. We went to a yard sale and a guy prayed over her and the next trip to the doctor, she was healed. God had healed my child. She is now 15.  She's recently has had stomach pain due to a medication.  We are currently waiting on a specialist.  She may need another feeding tube.  I ask the Lord to heal her.  Please pray for comfort and guidance.


Prayers Needed for Eric

I am thankful my husband, Eric, is alive! I recently wrote to you about my own health struggles and my recent hospitalization and rehab struggles. Now we are being tested once again.  On Sunday, my beloved husband of 29 years and recently my sole care provider was in an auto accident swerving to miss a deer and was injured. He is suffering from a head injury, a fractured C2 (broken neck) and broken ribs. He was flown to Springfield, MO for treatment.   Not only is he injured and away from our family, but we now no longer have a means of transportation.  I am thankful for the help who has stepped up this week to care for me as I am still very dependent on folks.  Next week I still have no idea who will be here to help me yet.  I need prayer not only for my husband but to line up care providers, and to find the title to our van so the impound will release my husband's belongings to us. I know the next few months will be challenging,  but also a blessing because my husband will be with me.  Thanks for taking the time to pray.


Son Needs Home

My son and his three yr old daughter have to move in December.   He was sick and had been off work for over a week.  He is better and back to work but the bills are piled up and all he seems to be able to do is play catch up. If they can't find a home in Dec they will be homeless.  They do not even have gas money to go anywhere other then to work. Pray for them. They are so discouraged.  His baby's mother is planning on moving to Kansas City with the kids.   I know God is bigger than this, but  I just can't seem to convince them that He is.  Please pray.  



I am having a difficult time with constipation.  I desperately need to be able to go to the bathroom. I know God is concerned about every detail of our lives. We are having children visit coming in from out-of-state till Saturday. I want to be able to enjoy their visit.


My Son

My son and I have had a very trying year. His father and I divorced. My son will be seventeen soon and I recently found out he is making some very bad life choices and he may have an inherited mental illness. He is very angry and depressed. After living through what we have, I never imagined he would make these kinds of choices! Since finding out about his choices, he has had some counseling and his grades are improving a little, however his attitude is not. He made very bad choices again last weekend. I thought I could trust him, however I am finding out I cannot. I have made specific rules for this weekend and the upcoming school break. Last night he did exactly as I told him and even came home early and I praise God for this victory. I am taking this whole break one day at a time. I am terrified when he is out of my sight. I know this is not a healthy attitude for either of us or our relationship. I have laid him and his choices at the feet of Jesus and I thank him for each little victory, like last night going okay and even just a conversation that doesn't end in anger. I am a worrier and I am wracked with guilt over all of this. And I still worry, even though I know God is in control. Please keep us and each day ahead in your prayers. Thank you and God Bless.

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