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Please pray for my sister and her husband to get their kids back. His ex, the birth mother, filed false charges against him to DHS and they took the kids away.

The birth mother had signed over her rights, in front of a legal Notary, but the state is ignoring that. The father has a past, but has changed. God knows that his heart has changed, but we need the state to see that. Only God can fix this, and we need those girls back. My sister has raised them for the past year and 6 months, she has introduced them to church, taught them to talk (before they were with them, the girls didn't talk and they were 2 & 3) loved them as if they were her own flesh and blood. This is tearing my whole family apart because we loved those girls and losing them is like losing a piece of myself. Please pray that God sees them through this, that He shows that the birth mother is lying and the girls can come home, where they belong. We need all the prayers we can get.

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