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Peace for my Husband

The past couple years my husband has begun to become more and more isolated and negative. He’s pushed away all friends and family. He does not know the Lord and the harder I pray for him, the worse he seems to get. I do not believe in divorce and I truly want to work this out, but I don’t know how much more I can take. Please pray for guidance, salvation, and peace in our lives. Thank you so much. I believe God hears us and will answer these prayers. Thank you Jesus

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RT @NWStulsa: Severe Thunderstorm Warning including Fayetteville AR, Springdale AR, Farmington AR until 3:45 PM CDT https://t.co/QshfOu7iuq
Severe thunderstorms are beginning to make their way through our area. Here's the latest warning from the National… https://t.co/2pDOeLXA5c