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Meet the Staff

Sean Sectional16Sean Sawatzky / General Manager

Sean is responsible for overseeing the overall operation of KLRC. He does a little bit of everything, but his primary duties include hosting "At-Work with Sean," fundraising and budgeting, legal and FCC compliance, and general day to day operations.

Meet Sean

Mark Sectional16Mark Michaels / Program Director

Mark co-hosts "The KLRC Morning Show" and oversees all aspects of KLRC's on-air programming. This includes music selection, music and announcer scheduling, on-air coaching for other KLRC personalities, and helping to manage KLRC's imaging and branding.

Meet Mark

Keri Sectional16Keri Lynn / Promotions Director

Keri co-hosts "The KLRC Morning Show" and directs all of KLRC's promotional efforts, which includes coordinating concerts with artists and concert promoters, scheduling on-air giveaways, and partnering with area non-profits to develop community outreach opportunities.

Meet Keri

Ansen Sectional16Ansen Bayer / Creative Director

Ansen co-hosts "The KLRC Drive-Home" and serves as the graphic designer and visual brand manager for the station. His duties include designing and managing KLRC's website and mobile apps, as well as designing visual branding for KLRC's promotional efforts.

Meet Ansen

Kara Sectional16Kara Bird / Production Director

Kara co-hosts "The KLRC Drive-Home" and oversees the production of KLRC's underwriting announcements and on-air promotional spots. If you hear something on-air that's not a song or a DJ speaking, chances are you're listening to Kara's work!

Meet Kara

Isaac Sectional16Isaac Weaver / Social Media Director

Listen to Isaac each weekday evening on KLRC from 8pm-12am! When Isaac isn't on the air, he serves as KLRC's social media director, coming up with fun and relatable content to share with you on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Meet Isaac

Holly Sectional16Holly Hook / Donor Relations & Marketing Director

Holly oversees KLRC's donor relationships, marketing, volunteers, and the prayer ministry. If you are attending an event, stop by the KLRC table and introduce yourself! Holly always enjoys putting faces with names.

Meet Holly

Scott Sectional16Scott Thompson / Director of Database Management

Scott is the newest member of the KLRC team! He helps mange KLRC's constituent and donor databases, and lends his expertise to making sure all the right information is in all the right places and available to all the right people.

Meet Scott

Vonda Sectional16Vonda Matheny / Office Manager

Vonda does it all! She processes donations, oversees mailings, responds to inquiries via e-mail and over the phone, makes administrative purchases, and just generally ensures that KLRC keeps running smoothly (despite everyone else!).

Meet Vonda

Kelly Sectional16Kelly Keys / Donor Support Specialist

If you call KLRC, Kelly might be one of the friendly voices you'll hear on the other end of the line! Kelly processes gifts, answers and addresses donor questions and concerns, and helps ensure that anyone who makes a donation to KLRC has a smooth experience!

Meet Kelly

Malachi Sectional16Malachi Crane / Business Relations Director

Malachi oversees KLRC's Ministry Partner program. Underwriting programming or promotions allows businesses to support KLRC while increasing awareness. If you're interested in sharing your business with the KLRC audience, Malachi is your guy!

Meet Malachi

Jane Sectional16Jane Clayberg / Day Sponsor Coordinator

Jane oversees our Day Sponsorship program, scheduling and coordinating every Day Sponsor message you hear on KLRC. Jane is one of the longest tenured KLRC employees, having been part of the team for over 20 years!

Meet Jane

Charlie Sectional16Charlie Smith / Technician

Charlie installs and maintains all of our studio equipment. He also serves as an electronics technician for the Performing Arts department at John Brown University.

Meet Charlie

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