Charlie Smith

Charlie Smith8 Questions with Charlie

How long have you been at KLRC?
Started July 1992

Tell us about your family!
Wife, Maita Smith - Teacher. Daughter, Carrie Eben - Teacher, JBU Bachelor, OSU Master, husband - Don - Engineer, JBU Bachelor, OCU Master. Granddaughter, Leah, 10 yrs. Grandson, Seth, 13 yrs. Son, Adam Smith - Investment Counselor, JBU Bachelor, wife - Kim - Investment Counselor. Granddaughter, Haley, 19 yrs, Emilee, 5 yrs, and Gracie, 3yrs.

What are your favorite hobbies or interests?
Target shooting, Photography, Movies, Razorback football.

Favorite soda?
Root Beer Float

What is your favorite movie?

Who is your favorite artist that plays on KLRC?
Bob Carlisle

Do you have any quirky habits?

What's your favorite part of working at KLRC?
Being the "old guy" here at KLRC, I think working with and observing a General Manager and staff that are so creative, intelligent and mindful of God's presence. Always pushing KLRC to impact the community of NW Arkansas for the good of Christ. And, at the same time, mindful of the needs of each staff member, and family, that work at KLRC. Another joy is watching students mature in Christian broadcasting. This is truly a great place to learn the trade. If the atmosphere at KLRC gets too serious, playing a prank or two is always a possibility.