Malachi Crane

Malachi Crane8 Questions with Malachi

How long have you been at KLRC?

Tell us about your family!
My wife (Sarah) and I have a beautiful daughter named Adalyn. We also have a very spoiled Toy Poodle named Audrey (for Audrey Hepburn).

What are your favorite hobbies or interests?
I'm a huge sports fan. Golf and baseball are my favorites. I also love technology. I've had every iPhone model Apple has ever released (it's an expensive habit).

Favorite soda?
I love Wild Cherry Pepsi. I'm also a fan of Orange Fanta.

What is your favorite movie?
I love movies so this is a tough one. I would probably say Good Will Hunting.

Who is your favorite artist that plays on KLRC?

Do you have any quirky habits?
My wife says I have OCD. I tend to watch my hands more than what she considers to be normal, but I also tend to stay healthy when others get sick as a result.  :)

What's your favorite part of working at KLRC?
Knowing that I am called to be a part of such an amazing ministry that touches so many lives each day.