Rate the Music

If you love KLRC and want to help make it the best it can be, this is for you!

Every two weeks, KLRC hosts an online Music Advisory Team! We'll have a list of between 10-20 songs that we'd like your input on. Your opinion will determine what we play (and how much we play it).

Members of the KLRC Music Advisory Team will receive an email invitation once or twice a month to provide input on current music.

As a member, you will be directed to a private website where you will be able to hear short clips of the songs we need your input on. Just rate the songs, provide some feedback, and you're done!

Some quick facts about the Music Advisory Team:

  • You will not receive more than 2 survey requests per month from KLRC
  • You will not receive junk email from KLRC or other ministry partners by signing up for this panel. We hate spam as much as you do!
  • Your input will directly impact what we play on KLRC!
  • There is no cost or obligation.


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