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You Don't Have to Ache Alone

God is with you. The phone rings, the email comes, the conversation happens, and suddenly your world is sent spinning. How could this happen? It’s a surprise to you, but not to the One who holds all of time in his hands. In the moments that feel uncertain, you can cling to the only One who is unchanging. He is with you.


Celebrate Recovery

Three years ago I found myself sitting in my car in a parking lot on a Friday night. I knew I needed to get out of the car and go in but I was afraid. I was also desperate, and that night I let desperation win. I got out, walked across the parking lot and pulled the doors open. I was greeted by the distant sound of people singing. I made my way across the lobby, and into the sanctuary where I quietly slid into the back row. Before the first song ended I was fishing tissues out of my purse to try to stop the flow of tears. For the first time in a long time I felt safe.

Stories of Hope

From Real KLRC Listeners

Check out stories of how “The Positive Difference” is impacting lives in Northwest Arkansas, northeast Oklahoma, and beyond by fulfilling a mission to “Share hope in Christ with as many people as possible.”

Thank You KLRC

This morning as I drove into work, I dropped by husband off at work (he is a Rogers postal carrier) and drove into my office. As usual, I turned on the radio to KLRC. Within moments, "Before the Morning" by Josh Wilson came on. This song touched my heart and really connected with me. My mother was diagnosed with cancer just weeks before my wedding this past Labor Day, and since we first learned how serious her condition was in August, we've seen her really struggle with chemo and health conditions that have just plagued her body. Through it all, we've been able to keep our faith in our Lord. Even when I think about all that she's gone through, and all that is to come, I don't know how my mother stays faithful and hasn't become bitter. She has a long, long way to go, and we've had one setback after another. She was originally diagnosed with a ruptured appendix and the doctor refused to remove it for seven weeks. He had no idea that the appendix was full of a rare cancer and during those seven brutal weeks of drain tubes, the cancer was seeding in her colon and lymph nodes.

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Featured Community Events

What's going on in NW Arkansas and NE Oklahoma? Check out our Event Calendar to find events happening near you, or submit an event you're planning to spread the word to the KLRC listening community!

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Prayer Center

Fostering a Community of Prayer

Have a prayer request you'd like to share? There's a whole community of KLRC listeners that would be happy to lift you up. Share your requests and pray for others through the KLRC Prayer Center.

An Update, Continue to Pray

A while ago I posted for prayer. In September last year my checks at work were messed up so badly it threw everything off track. Well, things have gotten worse. The electric company is billing me for a meter that's been broken for 2 years (they say they didnt know because my apartment was empty for 2 years).   I'm afraid I'm going to lose my car and be evicted as well. A few weeks ago I was let go at work and now have 0 income.

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Relationship Problems

I am a 24 (almost 25) year old college student, and I live with my parents. I was adopted from an extremely bad situation when I was 15 by my now parents. However as the years have progressed our relationship has gotten worse and worse. It is now at the point of almost complete hopelessness. Please pray for me and my parents relationship. Thank you.

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