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I don’t know if moms actually have superpowers, but it sure seems like it sometimes.  Especially when you can’t find something.  You can be absolutely convinced you opened every cupboard, looked under every piece of furniture, and scoured every square inch of the house for that item.


Today, we called Mandi to tell her that the KLRC listening family and Sam's Furniture were going to make her family's Christmas really special this year! You can listen to make the call right here.


I only ask, because here we are just a few days away from celebrating the birth of our Savior, the most significant event to have ever happened, and I’ve realized that I haven’t taken time to properly reflect and rejoice.


Please say a prayer me and my wife. We have been struggling for a long time and have went through counseling and other help, but she seems to have lost hope.   It appears that she doesn't care or even want to continue with our marriage. We've been married for over 20 years and have children.


It feels like I'm in a boat amid giant waves. I feel peace, but I have a massive credit card payment and work is slow in my business. Please pray for my finances.   

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Maybe you’ve been blown away by how God has come through on His promises in your life. Your heart might ache with emotions of disappointment and even anger when discussing God’s promises.


Finding Community (Episode 5)

We all want to feel more connected. But how do we make that happen? In this episode we get honest about why community can be hard and what’s helped us dare to build relationships anyway.


Psalm 18b (Episode 10)

In this episode, the second half of Psalm 18 gives us truth to deeply ponder and receive as a gift from God

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