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In walks one of my little boys, and he is battling yet again. He is becoming overwhelmed with agitation and anxiety, because something he is playing with isn’t cooperating. It is a big, big problem! Things are just not going his way, and he is letting the whole house know about it loud and clear.


“Remember when you so badly wanted what you currently have?” I know what you’re thinking, this quote doesn’t seem all that exciting, at first glance it looks like one of quotes you’d see on Pinterest or printed across a trendy coffee mug.


The sky outside is a dense, soaked grey today. It reminds me of earlier this year when my husband and I watched from our living room window as menacing clouds rose up in the distance then stretched their fingers tentatively toward the ground. We live in tornado country and we don’t take such sights lightly.

Son Laid Off

My son worked for Walmart home office and his department has been shut down, so he and all his coworkers have been laid off. He was an analyst with Walmart, so that's where most of his experience is.   He was homeless once and now he fears he may become homeless again.

Husband Battling Doubt

Please pray for my husband.    Doubt is gripping him. Physical pain, financial struggles, and family issues are adding to his doubt. Pray God opens his eyes. I know in this world we will have trouble, but I know God loves us and He is here. Please pray my husband sees this truth too.

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A Little More: God's Got You

Whatever you’re facing today, God’s got you. And he’s going to take care of the people you love too. 


In November of 2016, Laura Beck, at the age of 26 was in a car accident that changed her world as she knew it forever. She found herself entering into her new life as a quadriplegic.


Matthew 6c (S1E10)

This season on a listening life we are focusing on growing in gratitude. Gratitude is more than being grateful, although it is certainly that. Gratitude can be seen more as a posture we adopt.

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