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In fact, if you tell me the bad news, I’ll probably try find a way to see how it will work out for the good.   So when Jesus decides to drop a bomb like He does in John 16:33, I don’t always know what to do with it.  .


Today, The KLRC Morning Show had the opportunity to call Kendra and tell her that the KLRC listening family and Sam's Furniture were granting their wish. Kendra's family was nominated by by Kelly. Take a listen to the reveal!.


I was never afraid of the dark. As a little girl I loved lying in bed in a dark room watching the night sky out of my bedroom window. We lived in the country so there was no light from buildings, street lamps, or cars. Just quiet darkness.

18 Year Old Son

I am the mother of an 18 year boy who is a senior in high school. He has friends that live on their own and making some poor decisions. He has started doing the same and also being very disrespectful to me.


I got divorced from a bad situation and my young child and I had to stay in the car most of this year.   Praying God will open a home for me so I can get a great job and my child and I can be together for Christmas.   

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