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Open Wide

The last few weeks this verse has come to my mind over and over again. It wasn’t until today that I had time to sit with it and ask God what He was so persistently trying to tell me. I’ve felt like I haven’t had any words lately. And every time I pray about it this is what I hear from Him; “open wide your mouth and I will fill it. ” Yeah. Ok. That’s great, God. Open my mouth and you will fill it, only when I open my mouth no words come out. So.


Afraid of the Dark

If we could have coffee today I’d say, “God isn’t afraid of the dark. ”  He isn’t scared of the secret places in our hearts. The ones that haven’t seen daylight for years. The kind with the locks on the doors. The sort that we don’t talk about.

Stories of Hope

From Real KLRC Listeners

Check out stories of how “The Positive Difference” is impacting lives in Northwest Arkansas, northeast Oklahoma, and beyond by fulfilling a mission to “Share hope in Christ with as many people as possible.”

Brand New Meaning

A couple of weeks ago, we found a lump on our 2-yr old son. Last week, the doctors scheduled him for surgery to have it removed and that most likely it was not a solid mass because of its rapid growth. The surgeon removed it on Monday and informed us that it was a solid mass and it was being sent to pathology to see if it was cancerous. It immediately crushed us, but God started working on our faith immediately through scripture, family, friends, and KLRC. The same songs that we've been listening to for years had a brand new meaning. Every song felt hand selected specifically for us. We had hundreds of people praying for our son, and we just got news that the pathology report showed no cancer and it was an infection. The surgeon said that he's never seen that before and that some things can't be explained. We can explain it.

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What's going on in NW Arkansas and NE Oklahoma? Check out our Event Calendar to find events happening near you, or submit an event you're planning to spread the word to the KLRC listening community!

Featured Community Event
John Q Hammons Center
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Prayer Center

Fostering a Community of Prayer

Have a prayer request you'd like to share? There's a whole community of KLRC listeners that would be happy to lift you up. Share your requests and pray for others through the KLRC Prayer Center.

Prayer for Employment

Please pray for my son that he finds a better paying job with his skills set.  He is working outside and fighting allergies constantly.  He just got married and wants to better provide for his new wife and girls. He had several job interviews but someone else always gets the job. He and his wife love the Lord and we are all praying.  Also, pray for my daughter looking for work. My daughter and her girls live with us and she needs employment as well. Thank you and God Bless you!

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Job Needs

My husband and I moved to Northwest Arkansas in May so I could go to Esthetician school. We had to move in with my parents.  I graduated school in September 24, and I still have not found a job in that field. My parents are wanting us to move out as soon as possible, but I have no job and my husband is barely making any money.  I don't have the money or the experience to open my own business. Please if anyone reads this to please pray that I will find work and my husband's job gets busier so we can pay our bills and get on our own. Thank you and God Bless

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