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Susan Carroll glanced in the rearview mirror at her second-grade son as they pulled into the parking lot on the first day of school.  He seemed okay, but she had had false hope before. For the past two years, both in kindergarten and first grade, Paul had awakened every school morning begging to stay home.


I was talking with a young mom whose child battled anxiousness. She prayed for her child every day.  She whispered scriptures over that little one. She endured when others – those who hadn’t walked in her shoes – judged her when her child struggled publicly.


“It’s one thing for a community to be pro-life and to encourage that, but for that same community to come behind and rally and support those girls that are choosing life and get involved… that’s what we do here with them. ” Jen Heart, Development Director at Compassion House.

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Check out stories of how “The Positive Difference” is impacting lives in Northwest Arkansas, northeast Oklahoma, and beyond by fulfilling a mission to “Share hope in Christ with as many people as possible.”

The Gift of Hope

I just want to say thank you for all the prayers that have been sent my way.

I just want to say thank you for all the prayers that have been sent my way. I am on the kidney donor list and I now have a donor as well.

I just want to say thank you for all the prayers that have been sent my way. I am on the kidney donor list and I now have a donor as well. They are going through testing to see if they are a match to move forward with the transplant and hopefully it will go well.

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Have a prayer request you'd like to share? There's a whole community of KLRC listeners that would be happy to lift you up. Share your requests and pray for others through the KLRC Prayer Center.

Pastor Tim

We need prayers for Pastor Tim. Tim has stage 4 cancer. Tim leads a cowboy church in Siloam Springs. In the past he had a cowboy church in Pear Ridge and started New Life Fellowship in Pea Ridge. He has lead countless souls to our Lord. He is loved by many. Praying for God's mercy for this wonderful messenger of God.

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Our Son

Our son, Mathew, was involved in a car accident in Tulsa Oklahoma on August 9th.   He is in critical condition at St. Francis Hospital. He is in a coma and has a traumatic brain injury. His 1st cervical vertebrae is broken. Please pray for the swelling to go away and his temperature to remain normal. These are the most serious issues right now. We also ask for a complete and total healing of him in God's time. We thank you all in advance.

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