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There’s an old praise & worship song I often sang at youth group and church camp back in the 90’s. The song is pretty repetitive, with just one word being replaced with a new one as you sing each subsequent verse. It’s called “Take My Life,” and it goes like this.


On Friday, February 8th, we launched the Share Love sticky-note campaign with our friends at 3M and Massage Envy in Northwest Arkansas. Our goal was pretty simple: encouraging as many people as possible in Northwest Arkansas, and beyond.


My friend, Jill, told me that when she struggled as a child with nightmares her mom encouraged her to read Psalm 23 and Psalm 29.   Reading the 23rd Psalm made sense to me.

Financial Freedom

Please God bring back the good things that gave us joy, please God free up my paycheck & get us out of debt. Break the chains off of me and my household in Jesus Name we pray, Amen. Hallelujah.

Keep Going

I am feeling super sensitive and overwhelmed with sadness today. I can't explain it. Sitting here at my desk I just want to cry. I ask that you pray I find my strength and not forget my faith. I get so tied down with things of this world.

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Is loving yourself selfish? Is it even possible? We get gut-honest about loving our imperfect, half-crazy selves and what God has to say about it.


Are you waiting on God to answer your prayer? Waiting on a much needed miracle? Waiting for Him to bring you out of your wilderness and into your promised land?Waiting can be really difficult.


This episode wraps up our 15 things in 15 years, we share of some things we hope for in our future.

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