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Each November, you've heard about and perhaps participated in our annual Drive-Thru Difference Day. This Friday, we're bringing it back... with a twist.

Introducing Delivery Difference Day!

Kindness and generosity are needed in our world more than ever. Delivery Difference Day is a great opportunity to show God's love to those around us by supporting friends in need AND local businesses at the same time!

How to Participate:

Step 1: Pick out a friend or family who could use some encouragement during this season. Perhaps it's someone who works in an industry that is critical to caring for others during this crisis, such as health, transportation, education, or retail! Or maybe it's just someone you know is struggling during this time. 

Step 2: Pick out a local business to support. Many area restaurants are currently offering free delivery and curbside pickup services.

Step 3: This Friday, place an order for lunch or dinner at your chosen restaurant for your chosen friend or family! Have the order delivered directly (don't forget a great tip for the delivery driver!), or pick it up and deliver yourself. For deliveries to those that are immunocompromised, we recommend calling ahead and leaving the delivery on the porch. 

Step 4: In the notes on your order, write out a quick note letting the person know you're participating in Delivery Difference Day! Here's an example: "Hi friend! Today, 90.9 KLRC is encouraging people to participate in "Delivery Difference Day," and I just wanted to share some yummy food with you to let you know how much you are loved and appreciated!"

Step 5: Way to go! If you participated in Delivery Difference Day, we want to hear your story! Send us a shout-out through the KLRC mobile app, call 800-909-KLRC, send KLRC a message on Facebook, or e-mail us at our contact page. 

Let's share the light of Christ together with our community this Friday!