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It’s been over 30 years, but I still remember him.  His name was Rick, and he helped lead our class of Jr. High boys at church. Rick was a practical guy; he had a “use it or lose it” mentality towards things in his life.


I turned around to check on the two little guys on the trail behind me when I heard a wail. The three-year-old lay crumpled in a heap. “You left me!” he wailed. He had lost sight of us for a second, and that was enough to frighten him.


“Is my faith dead?” I get frequent updates on my Instagram feed from a friend of mine who splits her time between Uganda, and the United States. She’s an incredible photographer, and posts beautiful photos of her job working in a school surrounded by adorable children. I am both impressed and intimidated by her.


I have a dear friend and co-worker who is undergoing hardships with her son. He is a young man needing some guidance. Please send some prayers to this loving mother and her son. They still have life and are able to mend their relationship.


My nephew's wife has her second baby due in late November. Pray all goes well with pregnancy and delivery for both mother and child.

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